Automatic Shutter Type

Steel Shutters:

Description: Durable and sturdy, provides excellent security.
Common Uses: Commercial and industrial applications, high-security areas.

Aluminum Shutters:

Description: Lightweight, resistant to corrosion, suitable for various settings.

Common Uses: Residential, commercial, and industrial applications.

Galvanized Iron (GI) Shutters:

Description: Iron coated with a layer of zinc for corrosion resistance.

Common Uses: Industrial and commercial doors, gates.

Stainless Steel (SS) Shutters:

Description: Rust-resistant and durable, with a modern aesthetic.

Common Uses: High-end residential, commercial, and industrial applications.

Automatic Shutter use

Commercial Shops and Storefronts

Residential Garages

Windows and Doors

Industrial and Warehouse Settings

Home Automation Systems

Public Spaces and Malls

Privacy Screens for Outdoor Spaces

Emergency Shelters and Storm Protection

Commercial Entrances and Showrooms

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Automatic Acrylic Shutter

Automatic Acrylic Poly Carbonate Transparent Shutter
Product Parameters
 Door Type  Roller Shutter Door (Customizable)
 Material  Aluminum / Glavanised Steel/ Acrylic
 Size  Customized
 Color  Customized
 Open Style  Roller Up
 Including  Shutter Slat, Aluminum guide track & Bottom, Shaft, End Cap
 Safety Optional  Photocell, Air Bag Bottom
 Application  Residential House, Warehouse, Store, etc

Automatic GP Rolling Shutter

Automatic GP Rolling Shutters are engineered with precision, utilizing Galvanized Perforated (GP) sheets for enhanced durability and security. This section explores the construction, design, and operational features that make these shutters an exemplary choice in the realm of industrial and commercial security.

Automatic High Speed PVC Shutter

Revolutionize your commercial space with our Automatic High-Speed PVC Shutters. Swift, durable, and energy-efficient, these shutters provide seamless security and operational efficiency. Elevate your business with cutting-edge technology and dynamic solutions

Automatic Horizontal Roof Shutter

Automatic Horizontal Roof Shutter
Shutter Slat option 55mm Extrusion profile; 45, 55 with foam
Guid Rail option Horizontal roller Shutter special guide rail
Motor 50N.m (tubular motor)
Color White, cream, grey and customized
Opening ways electric, remote control, smart home WiFi control operation
Surface treatment Powder Coating
Mterial 6063T5 aluminum

Automatic Rolling Shutter

Welcome to Prime Automation, your trusted partner with 15 years of unmatched experience in the automation sector. Having successfully completed over 5000+ automatic rolling shutter projects in Bangladesh, we are dedicated to delivering cutting-edge solutions that redefine convenience, security, and efficiency. Our skilled professionals, commitment to innovation, and client-centric approach make us the preferred choice for tailored automation solutions. Elevate your space's security with our state-of-the-art automatic rolling shutters or explore our comprehensive range of automation services for homes and businesses. Join hands with Prime Automation, where expertise meets innovation for a seamless and efficient automated future.


Automatic Shutter Price in Bangladesh

Stainless Steel SS Automatic Rolling Shutter: Stainless Steel SS Automatic Rolling Shutter made of SS 202 or SS 304 interlocked

High Speed Spiral Roller Shutter Door for Car Factory

High Speed Spiral Roller Shutter Door for Car Factory Techincial Data :
Max dimension: 8000mm wide*8000mm high
Power supply: 1-phase220±10%V,50/60HZ,or3-phase380V±10%V,50/60HZ
Protection level of electric: IP55
Wind resistance: beaufort scale 12(35m/s)
Max opening speed: 2.0/s
Max closing speed:  1.0m/s
Thermal conductivity factor: 1.9W/(·K)
Sound insulation factor: R=25dB
Available colors of slat: Grey , Blue , White , Aluminum , Golden
Design Service Life: 20 years

Automatic Shutter Doors for Shops and Garages

Are you seeking an advanced security solution that seamlessly blends convenience and reliability? Look no further than our automatic shutter doors. Tailored for both shops and garages, these modern marvels redefine security by offering cutting-edge technology alongside effortless functionality.

Automatic Shutter Doors

Upgrade your security infrastructure with our state-of-the-art automatic shutter doors. Meticulously designed, these solutions effectively safeguard both commercial and residential spaces. Explore the benefits of advanced technology, ensuring a secure environment for your valued assets.

Automatic Shutter for Shop

Enhance both the aesthetics and security of your shop with our automatic shutter solutions. Beyond providing a contemporary look, these doors offer robust protection for your merchandise. Experience the perfect blend of style and safety.

Automatic Shutter for Garage

Transform your garage into a secure space with our automatic shutter solutions. Enjoy the convenience of effortless operation while ensuring the safety of your vehicles and belongings. Elevate your garage's security with this innovative solution.

Automatic Shutter Blinds

Step into the future with our automatic shutter blinds. These innovative window coverings not only provide privacy but also allow you to control the amount of sunlight entering your space. Embrace the perfect fusion of aesthetics and functionality.

Automatic Shutter Gate

Make a statement with our automatic shutter gates. Combining elegance with security, these gates redefine the entrance to your property. Explore various designs to find the perfect fit for your style and safety needs.

Automatic Shutter Price

Concerned about the cost? Our automatic shutters offer a range of options to fit different budgets. Request a quote today and discover how affordable it is to elevate your security measures with these state-of-the-art doors.

Automatic Shutter

Versatile and stylish, our automatic shutters are the solution for both residential and commercial spaces. Experience the convenience of modern living with remote control shutter doors, adding a touch of sophistication to your property.

Automatic Shutter Motor

At the core of every automatic shutter is its motor. Stay updated on the latest advancements in shutter motor technology, ensuring smooth and efficient operation. Explore the power behind the convenience.

Automatic Shutter Lock

Security is paramount, and our automatic shutter locks provide an additional layer of protection. Explore the range of advanced security features available, ensuring peace of mind for you and your loved ones.

Auto Shutter Door

Introducing the Auto Shutter Door – a pinnacle of security and convenience. Immerse yourself in the future of door technology, where seamless automation meets unparalleled protection.

Auto Shutter Remote Control Shutter Door

Experience ultimate control with the Auto Shutter Remote Control Shutter Door. Operate your shutter with ease, adding an extra layer of convenience to your daily life. Elevate your security measures effortlessly.

Crafted with precision, our automatic shutter solutions redefine security and convenience. Explore the possibilities and embrace a new era of safeguarding your spaces.