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Automatic Revolving Door

2 wing automatic revolving doors:
  1. Door type: 3 in 1 balanced 2 wing automatic revolving door, that is automatic revolving door + automatic sliding door + balanced door.
  2. Adjustable speed range, low-speed push pad button for disabled.
  3. Remote control and maintenance function.
  4. 4 +4 mm arc laminate glass.
  5. Voice prompt function, ensure passenger’s security.
  6. Infrared safety sensor + infrared foot stable, protect passenger’s safety maximally.


Technical specifications of 2 wing automatic revolving doors:

Power supply


Rated power


Rated current


Sliding door drive unit


Revolving door drive unit

250W X 2=500W

Standard speed adjustment range(revolving door)

3-4 r/min

Low speed adjustment range(revolving door)

1-2 r/min

Mechanical life


Dimensions of 2 wing automatic revolving doors:

Internal Diameter




External Diameter




Passage Height




Canopy Height




Overall Height




Opening Width




Sliding Door Opening Width




Balanced Door Width




3/4 wing automatic revolving doors:

    • Driving system: German motor and deceleration system.
    • PLC and converter adopt Japanese parts, low energy consumption, stable operation, and reliable in quality.
    • German electronic smart lock control system, high security and easy to use.
    • Rubber anti-collision sensor.
    • 6. 8 mm laminated arc glass: When the laminated glass is broken into pieces, the chips will adhere to the mid-lamina to avoid risk of injury. Therefore cracked toughened glass with angles of over 90 degrees is not harmful to the human body.6mm toughed glass: We select safety construction glass and passed 3C compulsory quality certification.
    • Key switch, emergency button, the disable push pad switch.

Technical specifications of VZ-R-3/4 wing automatic revolving doors:
Power supply: 220~230V/50~60HZ
Rated current: 10A
Rated power: 400W
Revolving door drive unit: 250W X 2=500W
Spot lights: 50W
UPS power consumption: 1000VA
Standard speed adjustment range (revolving door):3-4 r/min
Low speed adjustment range (revolving door):1-2 r/min
Expected lifespan: 100000hr

Revolving doors

Our automatic and security revolving doors are designed to give you the most convenient way to enter your building or business. They come in a variety of designs and styles and can be custom-made for your needs. Whether you’re looking for a traditional look, a modern design, or something that fits in with your home or office decor, we have it.

Top automatic revolving door manufacturer

Automatic revolving doors are used in a variety of applications, such as garages, parking lots, malls, airports, hospitals, and manufacturing facilities. Whether you need a traditional, manual-style revolving door or you’re looking to upgrade to an automatic revolving door, we have you covered. As a leading automatic revolving door manufacturer, we provide a large selection of automatic revolving doors, including two-and three-wing high-capacity doors and access control doors for more security.

Why should we have an automatic revolving door in our business?

As we all know that if you want to sell something then it is necessary to have an attractive environment for the customers. If you have a good-looking environment then you can make your business more successful. But for that, you need to spend a lot of money on decoration.

Another benefit of having an automatic revolving door is that it will let you save time. When you open the door from inside to outside, it will take some time and it will also waste your energy. But when you open the door from the outside to the inside, it will be easy and you won’t need any help.


An automatic revolving door is a device that opens for you when you approach it, and automatically closes behind you as you leave. It allows people and things to pass through without having to stop or push buttons. These are great for airports, shopping centers, and any other area where a large number of people need to go in and out quickly.

Yes, you can. In fact, there are many different types of automatic revolving doors available in the market. You can choose one according to your budget and purpose. However, the best part about this type of revolving door is that it is self-powered, so you don’t need to use any batteries or electricity to run it.

The revolving doors work by converting kinetic energy into electrical energy, which then powers the motor that drives the door. To install a revolving door in your home, you will need a reliable electric motor, a control box, and a mechanism that converts the motor’s power into rotational motion.

Most of these doors come with a 3 year warranty. Some of them come with lifetime warranties, but most of them only come with a one year warranty. Hence, it’s important to ensure that your door is properly maintained, and cleaned to avoid any future issues.

An “express” revolving door has an operator who opens and closes it for you. An “automatic” revolving door has a sensor that detects when a person or object is inside the door’s opening, and then automatically opens the door for you. The door will remain open as long as there’s someone or something in the door’s opening, and will close by itself after some time passes. Both types of doors require a little bit of maintenance to ensure they work properly, but the sensors on automatic doors are more reliable. You should always use automatic doors whenever possible.

A business’s automatic revolving door needs to be replaced or repaired every 5 to 7 years. Most companies have these doors installed at the entrance of their offices, and this is the ideal time to replace them. But if your business has a small footprint, or is located in a remote area, then it might not require an automatic door as much.


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