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Access Control Exit Reader

Quick Overview

  • Function - ID Card Module
  • Camera - No
  • Fingerprint Capacity - Unmentioned
  • Face Capacity - No
  • Logs Capacity - No
  • ID Card Capacity - Unmentioned

Access Control Exit Reader Fingerprint Access Controller

Access Control Exit Reader

Stand Alone Fingerprint Access Controller & Rain Shield Cover

Automatic  Tyre Killer

Automatic One Way Road Barrier Spike Tyre Killer

Technical specifications

Obstacle height 500 mm
Thickness of spikes 20 mm
Obstacle width 2/3/4/5/6 m
Foundation depth 750 m
Rising / lowering speed 4 / 4 sec
Emergency Fast opening (Rising time) 1,5 sec
Hours / Days cycles 300/2000

Automatic Acrylic Poly Carbonate Transparent Shutter

Automatic Acrylic Poly Carbonate Transparent Shutter
Product Parameters
 Door Type  Roller Shutter Door (Customizable)
 Material  Aluminum / Glavanised Steel/ Acrylic
 Size  Customized
 Color  Customized
 Open Style  Roller Up
 Including  Shutter Slat, Aluminum guide track & Bottom, Shaft, End Cap
 Safety Optional  Photocell, Air Bag Bottom
 Application  Residential House, Warehouse, Store, etc

Automatic Car Parking Barrier- Nice

Automatic Car Parking Barrier
BlueBus Yes
IP Rating 54
Max Barrier Length 5m
Motor Voltage 24Vdc
Solar Power Option Yes
Work Cycle 450

Automatic Collapsible Gate

Automatic retractable or collapsible gates are motorized security barriers commonly used in residential and commercial settings. Comprising interconnected metal panels, these gates automatically extend or retract, providing a balance of security and convenience. Controlled by remote devices or access systems, they offer easy and automated access. Sturdy construction, safety features, and customization options make them versatile solutions for controlled entry points, optimizing both space and security.

Automatic Curtain

Automatic Curtain We are professionally supplied, installed, and after Sales service of automatic curtains Motors systems all over Bangladesh since 2012   Automatic curtain system is a part of office, hotel, and Sweet home Smart automation.  Vertical blinds bd New Technology Automatic Smart Curtains opener supplier. The New Arrival 2023 Best Smart Quality Home Gadgets Great For Smart Home Lovers automatic curtain for window.  we are an importer of automatic smart curtain electric motor, rail tracks, Remotes, and accessories from China, Germany, South Korea, and Italy.

Automatic Curtain Robot

Automatic Curtain Robot

  • Simply Attach and You're Ready to Go: Upgrade your curtains effortlessly, no changes or tools needed. Hang it up, install the positioning magnets, and connect to our app. 3 simple steps for smart curtains in any room. Suitable for bedrooms, living rooms, offices, baby rooms, and more.
  • Twice as Strong, Now More Accurate: Curtain 3 (Rod) offers over twice the thrust compared to the previous gen, and our all-new upgraded motor ensures smooth operation even on heavy curtains (up to 15KG), perfect for thick curtain materials. Now comes with a positioning magnet to ensure precise control, eliminating the need for repeated calibration and prevents light leakage. When using an extendable rod please note if the diameter of the extendable area of your rod is less than 5/8 inch this device will not be compatible.
  • Less Noise with Silent Mode: Our smart curtains include a Silent Mode to enable your device motor to operat below 25dB, allowing your curtains to drift slower and quieter to remove disturbances, great for waking up in the morning and perfect for those with sleep disorders or people who are sensitive to sound. This environmentally friendly device is easy to use, saves electricity, and conserves energy.
  • Multiple Control Methods: Use our app to manage curtain opening, closing, and open percentage. Set custom schedules for fully automated curtains. With SwitchBot Hub, you can also use voice commands via Alexa, Google Home, SmartThings, Siri Shortcuts, and IFTTT all from your sofa.
  • Supports Matter: With SwitchBot Hub 2 (sold separately), Curtain 3 supports Matter and can be integrated with Apple HomeKit. Control your curtains via the Home App or using your HomePod/Apple Watch. You can also use with other SwitchBot devices for better automation and scene control.