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Automatic Acrylic Poly Carbonate Transparent Shutter

Prime Automation is the importer & Supplier of Automatic Acrylic Poly carbonate Transparent Shutter in Bangladesh. which is made by Poly Carbonate Sheet & Aluminum joiner. Shutter run by Shutter Operator using Aluminum guide rail. We import Poly Carbonate Shutter component and manufacture shutter in our workshop as user requirements. We also import different size and capacity motor different size shutter to match every capacity from different country from china, India and Made in Italy

Motor Type: Side Motor, Roller Motor, Center Motor

Remote Control: We uses different type of remote controller for different motor. We have large range of Remote control system. We are only authorized dealer of NICE ( Made in ITALY ) motor in Bangladesh.


Polycarbonate Rolling Shutter at Rs 650/square feet | Bengaluru| ID: 20556154462
Automatic Acrylic Poly carbonate Transparent Shutter in Bangladesh:

Features in Key Points:

  • ¬†Vehicle Safety Assurance:¬†Automatic roller garage doors¬†are equipped with Photocell sensor safety Barrier to protect car from damage.
  • Product Flexibility:¬†We have wide range of shutter material and different capacity motor to make any size or capacity shutter.


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