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Automatic  Tyre Killer

Automatic One Way Road Barrier Spike Tyre Killer

Technical specifications

Obstacle height 500 mm
Thickness of spikes 20 mm
Obstacle width 2/3/4/5/6 m
Foundation depth 750 m
Rising / lowering speed 4 / 4 sec
Emergency Fast opening (Rising time) 1,5 sec
Hours / Days cycles 300/2000

Automatic Car Parking Barrier- Nice

Automatic Car Parking Barrier
BlueBus Yes
IP Rating 54
Max Barrier Length 5m
Motor Voltage 24Vdc
Solar Power Option Yes
Work Cycle 450

Automatic Parking Managements

Automatic Parking Managements Effortlessly control and optimize your parking space with our Automatic Parking Management system. Enjoy seamless access control, efficient space utilization, and enhanced security. Elevate the parking experience for users and operators alike

Car Parking Barrier

Introducing our Automatic Parking Barrier – a cutting-edge solution for seamless and secure parking management. With advanced access control, smart automation, and real-time monitoring, our barrier ensures efficient traffic flow and enhances safety. Perfect for commercial and residential spaces, airports, and more. Upgrade to hassle-free parking with our trusted technology. Limited-time offers available

Card Parking Management Systems

Simplify your parking experience with our Card Parking Management System. Swift entry and exit using smart cards make parking hassle-free. Enjoy secure access, real-time monitoring, and seamless payment options. Upgrade your parking convenience today

Hydraulic Road Blocker

  • Durable, Overload, Operate Smoothly, Low Noise, Fast speed up & down
  • Micro-control technology makes bollards work stable and reliable,Easy integrate to other systems
  • Compatible with road barrier,Turnstiles and other access system control to achieve automatic control
  • Advanced mature Hydraulic pressure technologies
  • Remote control system realize wireless control up&down within 30 meters range
  • Customized for different users requests
  • Controller display : LCD and LED
  • Swiping card system: built-in card reader to control bollards up&down
  • Road barrier integrate with Bollards : built-in access control realize road barrier,A/C and bollards in one-card 
  • Connected with Computer Management OR Charging Systems