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Automatic Aluminum Rolling Shutter

Aluminum Rolling Shutters Equipped with the superior solution for maximum security combined with stylish good looks. Avian present its wide range of aluminum rolling shutters. Constructed from interlocking aluminum slats with an integrated bottom rail, the shutters provide trouble-free operation. Designed with extruded aluminum section & fabricated using superior grade aluminum, these roller shutters are light in weight, corrosion-free, and give a good aesthetic appearance. Our aluminum shutters are all manufactured to suit your exact requirements and efficiently provide protection against adverse weather conditions.


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    • Aluminum shutters are available as single wall and double wall with insulation.
    • Available in Natural Aluminum finish, color anodizing or Powder coating.
    • MOTORISED Aluminum shutters are self-sufficient and can be operated by a single push button.
    • Our shutters are inbuilt with high-performance drives and intelligent controls.
    • Our drives have weight carrying capacity until 2000Kgs.
    • In case of power failure, these doors can be operated manually using a hand crank or chain drive.
    • Our Drives are inbuilt with Special Anti-Drop device and additional Electromagnetic brake to ensure that the door does not free-fall in any worst conditions.
    • Finger-tip control to open and close shutters of any size with the utmost ease from a single push-button switch or a radio remote control transmitter.

 7 Ways To Protect Your Home From The Sun And Rain It is not a secret that most homes are getting exposed to the sun and rain due to the absence of a good window shutter. Due to this, the home gets damp and wet inside which is not a good idea for your health. So, here are some great ways to keep your house dry and free from moisture. 1. Use Aluminum Roller Shutters are a great choice for windows. They are easy to install and will provide enough protection from the sun and rain. 2. Install a Sliding Door If you have a sliding door then it is a great way to provide complete protection against the sun and rain. It will make the room dry and safe from moisture. 3. Have Wooden Shutters If you have wooden shutters in your home then it will keep away all the moisture and dust. Wooden shutters will also give you an amazing look at your home. 4. Use Awnings Awnings are another way to keep your home dry and protected from the sunlight and rain. They are easy to install and will protect your house from direct sun. 5. Use Glass Doors are a great option to protect your house from the sun and rain. They are easy to use and will protect the entire house from the sun and rain. 6. Install Awnings If you don’t have an awning, then you should install one in your home. It will make the entire house dry and safe from the rain and sun. 7. Make Sure Your Roof Is Waterproof It is a common fact that most homes don’t get a good roof. The roof is one of the most important parts of your home, so make sure that it is waterproof. This will protect your house from the water and it will give an amazing look to your house. Conclusion: In conclusion, these are some effective ways to protect your house from the sun and rain. All the mentioned methods are easy to use and will provide you with a great look at your home. So, try them all and see what you feel about your home


What is the purpose of an aluminum rolling shutter?

The purpose of an aluminum rolling shutter is to save energy. It is a type of shutter where the glass is a sheet of metal that is bent to make a shutter. These types of shutters are more energy efficient than other types of shutters because they don’t have to be opened as often and they can remain closed if it rains

What are the pros and cons of using a sliding door vs. a rolling door?

Both have pros and cons. A sliding door is easier to use, but the door might not be as sturdy. If you’re installing one, make sure it’s at least 1/2″ thick, with the frame going through the center of the door. You’ll want to put it in a doorframe that will support the weight. If you’re installing it for your front door, consider putting the frame on the inside of the door

What would be the ideal use for a rolling aluminum shutter?

A rolling aluminum shutter is great for use as a home or business security system. It is placed at the bottom of the outside of the glass door and rolled up to protect the interior of the building when no one is home. Then, when someone wants to come in, they have to push a button or pull a cord to roll down the shutter. This causes an alarm to sound and a person (usually you) on the inside of the building can then come to the door to see who’s there. This gives you the opportunity to talk with the person and decide if you want to let them in. This way, you know who’s coming to your house or place of business without having to look out a peephole or wait for someone to ring the doorbell.

What was the main reason you decided to make an aluminum rolling shutter instead of a wooden one?

I wanted something very light and easy to install and take down. Also, I wanted something that would work in all kinds of weather and that would be totally invisible when the doors were open. The aluminum shutter I chose is only 1/2″ thick so it will not interfere with the natural light coming into the house. The fact that it is light and can be easily taken down also means that I can put it up or take it down as I choose


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