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Automatic Curtain

Automatic Curtain We are professionally supplied, installed, and after Sales service of automatic curtains Motors systems all over Bangladesh since 2012   Automatic curtain system is a part of office, hotel, and Sweet home Smart automation.  Vertical blinds bd New Technology Automatic Smart Curtains opener supplier. The New Arrival 2023 Best Smart Quality Home Gadgets Great For Smart Home Lovers automatic curtain for window.  we are an importer of automatic smart curtain electric motor, rail tracks, Remotes, and accessories from China, Germany, South Korea, and Italy.

Automatic Curtain Robot

  • Extremely Easy to Use -- Connect the smart robot to your phone via BT, and set schedule/timer on app to automatically open your curtains at sunrise and close at sunset, with 7 days programmable. You can also manually control the robot to totally open, half open, and close your curtains on phone.
  • Smart Sensors -- Equipped with ambient light sensor and temperature sensor, the robot can be set up to automatically close the curtain when it detects your room temperature exceeding 25℃, luminosity over 30%. Temperature can be set within 10-60℃, and light intensity can be set within 10-90%.