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Motorized Grill Shutter

Grill shutters are made from Iron, steel, and aluminum. They are manufactured to suit your particular security requirements. Grill shutters are ideal for factories, shops, offices, and residential premises. Grill shutters can be operated by switches, key switches, remote control, or manually. Grill Shutters provide Protection, Energy Efficiency, and Security.


Product Specification

Technical Specification



Motorized grill rolling Shutters

Shutters Door Dimension

Width Min./Max.


Height Min./Max.

1000/8000mm, Max. Area 36.0Sqm Larger Dimension on request 

Opening Direction


Mounting Location


Mounting Surface

Side Brackets : On Concrete /steel Side Guides : on Concrete/Steel/ Masonry

Opening/Closing Speed

0.05-0.1mtr /sec

Door Structure

Perforated Bottom Profile

M.S Plate with angle Stiffener Optional –Rubber Bottom Seal

Side Guide Profile

M.S Box Type

Roller Shaft

M.S Tubular Pipe with flanges & machined shaft at the ends. Pipe dia-100to300mm, as per the opening dimension.

Side Brackets

M.S plate 3mm to 10mm thick, as per the opening dimension

Surface Finish

Optional-Enamel Painting/Powder Coating

Control Type

Deadman /Pulse Control

Drive Unit

Electric Motor 
Single / Three Phase


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