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Automatic Collapsible Gate


PRIME AUTOMATION ENGINEERING has been a leading manufacturer and supplier of industrial automation products and services in Bangladesh for more than 10 years.
PRIME AUTOMATION ENGINEERING is one of the leading manufacturers of Automatic Retractable Gates in Dhaka Bangladesh. Our gates can be opened and closed automatically, and controlled remotely from a distance. This makes it possible to secure areas that need to be secured at any time of the day or night. It also eliminates the need for an attendant to be present at all times. We have provided security solutions for a wide variety of applications, including hotels, apartment buildings, warehouses, industrial sites, courthouses, prisons, and military bases.
The electric gate has been designed to help keep your property secure and safe. It has a unique design that allows it to be mounted on a wall or fence to make it difficult for intruders to access. The gate is equipped with high-strength alloy aluminum and stainless steel. The gate is painted with an anti-corrosion coating. The electric gate is equipped with anti-crash intelligent infrared double detectors. The gate is equipped with a patent wind-resistant device which enables the gate to operate in strong winds.


What is a collapsible gate?

A collapsible gate is a type of sliding door that comes in several different sizes and can be folded or unfolded. They can be installed on patios, porches, and decks.

Is collapsible gate safe?

With collapsible gates, the entrance can be opened or closed at any time. This offers a great deal of security and is useful for preventing intruders from entering. It is also possible to open a door that is usually locked to prevent someone from leaving without paying.

Where are collapsible gates used?

Collapsible gates are widely used in Music Halls, factories, mills, elevators, institutions, and theaters.

What is the advantage of Collapsible Gate?

The importance of collapsible grill gates lies in the fact that they use less space in comparison to other types of gates. These gates permit complete ventilation and allow light to pass through.


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