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Heavy Duty Industrial Shutter

Heavy Duty Industrial Shutter:
Industrial grade security roller shutter Prime Heavy Duty Industrial Automatic Steel Shutter can be made of high thick Aluminum or steel material. Manufactured from 75mm galvanized steel. Heavy duty non-fire rated roller shutters are vertical rolling shutters constructed from interlocked steel lath sections. These shutters are more commonly used in warehouses, factories, industrial units and loading areas with large openings or strict demands for security. They can be motorized or manually operated and can be fitted with optional extras to provide additional wind and rain resistance where necessary.


Manufactured from 75mm galvanized steel curved lath with a minimum thickness of 22swg increasing to 18swg depending on size. Manufactured to BS EN 10142 and 10143 with a zinc coating of 275g/m2 with hard wearing nylon or steel end locks. Galvanized guides – standard 65mm x 32mm x 3mm increasing to 95mm x 45mm x 3mm depending on size of opening. Galvanized bottom rail – cold-rolled T-section.

Hand chain operation; or electric operation by 3 phase motor with hand chain manual override and safety brake fitted as standard.

Locking Options:
Hand chain shutters: chain locking cleat.
Electrically operated grilles are self-locking.

Galvanized self-colored, Polyester Powder Coated, or HP200 Plastisol.

Maximum Sizes:
– Hand Chain: 5000mmW x 5000mmH
We recommend electric operation above these sizes
– Electric geared motor: 7250mmW x 7250mmH

A Heavy Duty Industrial Shutter Door is perfect for use in an auto dealership, a flower shop, a jeweler, a pawn shop, a taxidermist, a funeral home or any other commercial establishment that has a lot of valuable inventory. Here is how to use one in your own home: First of all, if you have a really big house or a home with a particularly large garage, you may not even need this type of door. However, if your house is smaller or if your garage is on the smaller side, you will need to install a Heavy Duty Industrial Shutter Door. To begin with, you will need to remove the decorative cover that is usually affixed to the outside of the door. Once you do this, you will see that the door has two sections of wood that are hinged together. Next, you will need to remove the interior rod that keeps the door in place. You can either do this yourself or you can have a handyman do it for you. Once the rod is removed, the door will be free-standing and you can raise it up and move it to the side of your garage or home. Make sure you do this so you have plenty of clearance because once the door is up and operating, it will be raised all the way to the top of the opening.


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