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Movable Glass Partition Wall

Acoustically divide conference/seminar rooms, classrooms, function rooms, office space & community halls The multi-award-winning Premier Wall is truly at the head of its class. Acoustic infill combined with interlocking edge profiles with unique seal interfaces giving up to 59dB sound block performance. Unrivaled seal pressure of 2KN per linear meter is possible by our unique rapid action scissor jack mechanism ensuring excellent onsite acoustic performance. Our mechanism also performs within site restrictions or constraints such as uneven floors and deflections. Magnetic profiles complement precision engineered roller and track systems allowing effortless operation. A unique roller locking mechanism guarantees panel alignment in the long term. All systems are acoustically tested to ISO 140-3 and certified for shock impact, endurance, thermal insulation, and stability. Available in a range of finishes including laminate, white marker, veneer, Digi-art or primed for onsite decorating.


Technical parameters

Nominal thickness

100 mm Min

Min panel width

650 mm Max

650 mm Max panel width

1250 mm

Max. clear opening height

11 m

Sound Insulation range:

Up to 59dB

High acoustic performance up to 59db Acoustically tested pass doors Vast selection of finishes – inc veneer, laminate etc Flexible division with various stacking options Top hung with no floor tracks Fire rated options available Panels can be manufactured up to 11 m high Semi-automatic system available, ask for information on our EasiWall

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Why You Should Have A Movable Partition Wall In Your House?

Everyone wants a beautiful and clean house. But when it comes to houses, there are certain areas which are very common and all people would like to keep them clean.

One such area is the kitchen and there are many reasons why people prefer movable glass partitions in their kitchens.

Cleanliness and freshness

Movable glass partitions allow you to open the doors at your convenience and this will let you have fresh air and the right amount of natural light in your kitchen. This will make you feel fresh and will also increase your productivity.

Increase the space

When it comes to the kitchen, people don’t like to have small spaces and if you have a small space, then it can be really hard to prepare some food and cook some dishes. But, when you have a movable partition wall, then you will be able to open up the doors according to your convenience.

Increase the height

If your kitchen is facing the east or west, then you should never install glass panels in your kitchen. It will create a beautiful and attractive look but if your kitchen is facing south or north, then you can easily have movable glass partitions in your kitchen.


So, these are some of the reasons why you need to install movable glass partitions in your kitchen. These are the best ways to get rid of clutter and save space at the same time.


What is the Movable Glass Partition Wall system?

The Movable Glass Partition Wall system consists of two parts – a glass partition wall that can be easily moved around and a controller that connects the wall to a mobile device. This allows you to quickly change the orientation of your wall to suit your needs, and also control it from anywhere in the world with a mobile device.

How to open the Movable Glass Partition Wall system?

The first step to opening the Movable Glass Partition Wall system is to remove the outer panels and the inner panels, then slide out the entire glass wall. Once this is done, you will be able to access the hidden compartments for storing stuff or even installing a new sliding glass door.

Can the Movable Glass Partition Wall system be used with LCD screen?

Yes, the Movable Glass Partition Wall system can be used with LCD screens, but it will have to be installed with a specially-designed monitor holder. The glass panel can either be mounted onto the wall, or else can be made to move up and down with a motorized unit.

Is the Movable Glass Partition Wall system waterproof?

The Movable Glass Partition Wall system is not water-proof as it is not designed to withstand any harsh weather conditions. However, you can add a sealant or a cover for this purpose. If you’re worried about the safety of your children, then you can also install a safety screen over the wall.

What is the difference between a Movable Glass Partition Wall System and a retractable room divider?

A movable glass partition wall system is a type of glass or glazing that can be moved horizontally and vertically to open up a room’s space. In this setup, the divider is mounted on a track or rails that allows it to be adjusted with a simple push or pull action.

While retractable room dividers are also known as sliding glass doors, but they operate on a more complicated design that requires manual or powered assistance to open or close. They usually have an electrical motor, or more often a crank mechanism, that powers the motion.


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