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Access Control Exit Reader

Quick Overview

  • Function - ID Card Module
  • Camera - No
  • Fingerprint Capacity - Unmentioned
  • Face Capacity - No
  • Logs Capacity - No
  • ID Card Capacity - Unmentioned

Access Control Exit Reader Fingerprint Access Controller

Access Control Exit Reader

Stand Alone Fingerprint Access Controller & Rain Shield Cover

Automatic Door Access Control Card Reader

Automatic Door Access Control Card Reader
Access Control: Card + PIN
Keypad Button Material: Rubber
Storage Capacity: 1000 Households
Current Draw: 70mA
Working Environment: -10~60ºC
Perfect Match to: Automatic Swing Door Opener

Digital Finger Print Door Lock

Biometric Smart Door Lock provides an anti-theft fingerprint lock with a touch keypad, which uses robust and safe anti-theft mortise with one latch and two deadbolts so that you can lock the deadbolt from both inside and outside for more security. It holds 100 capacity users. It provides various accesses for your convenience - fingerprint/password/card/mechanical key. Meanwhile, TL100 has a voice guide function that lets you know the operation status and how to operate each step for easier and more convenient use. ZKTeco TL100 should need a door (wooden) thickness of 45-60mm & for the power supply need 8 pieces of AA Alkaline battery. As a ZKTeco distributor in Bangladesh, we provide the best product with better support.

People Counting Camera Facial Face Recognition CCTV Camera

Facial Face Recognition CCTV Camera 2MP Access Control IP Passenger Flow Crowd Visitor Counter People Counting Camera System