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Automatic Door Access Control Card Reader

RFID Card Reader Access Keypad For Automatic Door Opener/Access Control System


Technical specifications of automatic door access control card reader:

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Power supply

12VDC+10% / 1.2A

Standby current


Opening lock relay


Relative humidity


Card storage capacity

500 pcs / PINs

Identification time


Induction frequency


RF card type

EM card or EM compatible card

Card Reading Distance

5 – 15cm

Lock interface

Relay output

Exit button

One interface


One interface


One interface

Output interface


RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) is a technology that uses radio waves to transfer data. It is used in a wide variety of applications, such as in-vehicle access control, retail payment, and electronic passports, office building, offices, residential buildings, and IT server rooms. The RFID reader is a device that reads the unique identifier from a smart card, also known as a “chip”. The chip contains information on the card owner’s identity and can be read by an antenna. RFID door lock is a simple, easy to install, low-cost door lock that can be used with any standard door or gate. The RFID door lock is available in both key fob and card versions, which make it easy to use in a variety of settings. The RFID door lock is compatible with nearly all types of doors and gates. The RFID door lock is powered by batteries that are installed inside the lock. The RFID door lock can be used in single or multiple access modes. The door lock is a single-reader solution. This means that it will only work with one key card or key fob at a time.


How do access control card readers work?

The automatic magnetic door lock will make it much easier for employees to enter and exit the building. It also means that the door will be locked automatically when they leave. This eliminates the need to lock the door behind them and ensures that no one else can access the building unless they have a key.

What is a door access control system?

A door access control system is an electronic security device that allows only those with proper identification to enter your building or facility. This enables you to control who has access to your building or facility at any given time. It also simplifies the process of letting people into your building. Instead of using keys, swiping cards, or pushing buttons, everyone simply presents their ID to the access control reader.

What is a door card reader?

A swipe keycard works like a debit card, except it has a small antenna attached to the front which transmits an electronic signal as you pass through the reader. Keycards are useful for providing access to restricted areas, such as buildings, parking garages and hotel rooms. They can also be used to provide access to computers, cell phones, ATM machines, and much more.

What is the difference between access control and authorization?

Authorization policies define what an individual identity or group may access. Access controls, also called permissions or privileges, are the methods we use to enforce such policies.


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