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People Counting Camera

Intelligent People Counting Camera People Counting Solution features high accuracy and effectiveness, making it easy to understand how many people are in an area at any time, how they move, where they congregate, and periods of peak occupancy. You can use it to plan, take immediate actions, and improve services, operational efficiency, along with profitability.


People Counting Camera

6 Benefits of people counting system for CCTV - CCTVSG.NET People Counting CCTV Systems | Video Analytics | ClearView In many areas, like shops, schools and public buildings, there are increased restrictions on maximum capacities for the number of visitors, customers or employees. In order to determine the current numbers in real time, entries and exits must be monitored.

  • Data is made available over web browsers, smart phone apps, the Internet-of-Things, Wi-Fi or via an Ethernet connection.
  • Counts can be combined with live sales data in a POS database, giving real-time sales conversion figures.
  • Wide entrances and areas are handled by linking several cameras across the ceiling.
  • The embedded video server lets you view live video footage alongside the people counts, so you can accurately verify, and configure, the system over the internet.
  • Once set up, counts alone can be sent over the network to save bandwidth.
  • Replay counting videos for off-site commissioning
  • Choose the time period over which counts are measured: every hour or every 5 minutes for example.
  • Privacy is maintained – the system knows how many people went where and when, but not who they were. Apart from during set-up, video is not recorded.
  • Counters can be connected to existing cameras.


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