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Acoustic Movable Partition Wall

Acoustically divide conference/seminar rooms, classrooms, function rooms, office space & community halls The multi-award-winning Premier Wall is truly at the head of its class. The UK manufactured, this top hung system allows limitless stacking solutions. Acoustic infill combined with interlocking edge profiles with unique seal interfaces giving up to 59dB sound block performance. Unrivaled seal pressure of 2KN per linear meter is possible by our unique rapid action scissor jack mechanism ensuring excellent onsite acoustic performance. Our mechanism also performs within site restrictions or constraints such as uneven floors and deflections. Magnetic profiles complement precision engineered roller and track systems allowing effortless operation. A unique roller locking mechanism guarantees panel alignment in the long term. All systems are acoustically tested to ISO 140-3 and certified for shock impact, endurance, thermal insulation, and stability. Available in a range of finishes including laminate, white marker, veneer, Digi-art or primed for onsite decorating.


Technical parameters:

Nominal thickness

100 mm Min

Min panel width

650 mm Max

650 mm Max panel width

1250 mm

Max. clear opening height

11 m

Sound Insulation range:

Up to 59dB

High acoustic performance up to 59db Acoustically tested pass doors Vast selection of finishes – inc veneer, laminate etc Flexible division with various stacking options Top hung with no floor tracks Fire rated options available Panels can be manufactured up to 11 m high Semi-automatic system available, ask for information on our EasiWall

Do you want to enjoy peace and quiet in your home?

If so, then acoustic panels are the best way to go. They are extremely easy to install and very effective. In fact, they are the most affordable and easiest way to create a soundproof room.

The best thing about acoustic panels is that they are not just effective but also they are very affordable. In this post, I will share with you how to easily create a quiet room in your home with acoustic panels.

What is an acoustic panel?

An acoustic panel is a thin piece of material that is attached to the walls of your room with screws. It has a honeycomb-shaped pattern on it. This pattern helps to diffuse the sound waves and absorb them instead of letting them pass through the panel. This means that the sound waves are reflected back into the source which is the speaker or the person talking. This causes the sound waves to cancel each other out and this results in a reduction of the decibel level (the loudness of the noise).

Why do we need an acoustic panel?

We need an acoustic panel because we don’t want our home to be a sounding board for other people’s conversations. For example, if you have young kids in your home then you must install an acoustic panel in their room so that they won’t be disturbed by the loud TV shows that their friends are watching.


There you have it. You now know how to create a quiet room in your home with acoustic panels. I hope that you found this information useful. Don’t forget to share this post with your friends and family members on social media and let them know about these amazing free acoustic panels which you can use to create a soundproof room in your home.


What is the acoustic movable partition wall?

An acoustic movable partition wall (also known as an “acoustic wall”, “sonic partition”, or “soundproof glass”) is a type of partition that blocks out unwanted noises (like sounds from your neighbor’s TV or stereo), while allowing you to hear what you want to hear. These walls are very common in home theater setups, and are used to muffle high-frequency sounds from other rooms of the house. They are also useful in offices, recording studios, and any other setting where you need to control the level of ambient noise.

What are the advantages of using acoustic movable partitions?

Acoustic movable partitions (also known as “sonic” or “pane”) offer many advantages over conventional wooden or plaster walls. These include superior soundproofing, ease of installation, and very low maintenance. They also allow you to customize the acoustics of your room to a remarkable degree. You can use them to create a “quiet room”, a “study room”, a “music room”, or any other type of room you can think of. They are especially useful in offices, recording studios, home theaters, bedrooms, and anywhere else you need to control the ambient noise levels.

Where can I find a good price for acoustic movable partitions?

For acoustic movable partitions, we recommend the Acoustic Mover Pro. This product is a quality, high-end option that can reduce noise, provide better insulation, and add a lot of convenience to your home. It comes in several different sizes to accommodate your needs, and it’s also easy to install and operate.

How much do acoustic movable partitions cost?

The average price of acoustic movable partitions ranges between $15,000 and $25,000. The cost also depends on the amount of acoustic treatment, whether it’s a solid partition or a translucent one, and if it has a hardwood or composite frame. These things are all considered when a company quotes the price.

Are they available in white and beige?

Yes, solar panels are available in a variety of colors. They’re available in white, grey, black, silver, bronze, and gold as well. The color will depend on your choice, but you can choose from several different shades.


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