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Tripod Transit Barrier


  • Reasonable and reliable design, low noise, smooth running, long life.
  • Fingerprint, Card reader, and other access control device can control the turnstiles.
  • Hydraulic shock absorbers can be freely adjusted to the return of turnstiles.
  • Anti-recoil: if any person tries to enter from the opposite direction, the turnstile immediately locked.
  • Only one person can pass through the gate showing one card.
  • The arm will automatically drop when power OFF, and can be set back once power is ON.
  • With automatic reset function After Reading card or finger on the reader if the user doesn’t pass through the turnstile in a certain time, the system will automatically cancel the access
  • Privileges and restrictions on the passage of time can be set by the management person.
  • Our turnstiles can be used together with other access control.


China Automatic Pedestrian Access Control Entrance Time Attendance Security Turnstile Barrier Gate - China Tripod Turnstile, Tripod Turnstile Gate
Product Specification
Technical parameters

Power voltage : AC220 ±10%, 50Hz

Open angle : 120°

Drive voltage : AC12V+AC18V

Pass speed : less than
30person /minutes

(Operation condition : -15°C~+60°C

Structure : Frame or 304 Stainless steel cover

Relative humidity : None-condensation

Open direction : Single and Double(optional)

Input signal : 12v DC level or 12v pulse>100ms

Work environment : Outdoor and indoor

Working Current : Less than 2000mA

IP Degree : IP43

Length of the bar : 510mm

Width of passage : ≤550mm

Service life : ≥5 million
Automatic Tripod Turnstile Gate wiht ZKteco Access Control System

Have you ever thought about installing a tripod turnstile gate?

If you have been thinking about installing a tripod turnstile gate then we have some of the best tripod turnstile gate systems that are available in the market. A tripod turnstile gate system is one of the easiest ways to protect your premises from intruders and it will help you to keep your children safe as well.

Tripod turnstile gates are the most common type of turnstile gates that are mostly used for schools, colleges, office buildings, malls, hospitals, and so on. A tripod turnstile gate is one of the most popular ways of keeping the people out of your place.

Types of tripod turnstiles

There are three types of tripod turnstiles that are available in the market and all of them are quite similar in terms of their working mechanism.

Turnstile type A – These are the most common type of tripod turnstiles and they are quite easy to use. But if you install these turnstiles then you will need to take care of the turning mechanism as well.

Turnstile type B – These are more durable as compared to type A. The turning mechanism of this type is very strong and you will not have to worry about it.

Turnstile type C – This is a hybrid type of the A and B types. It has the best quality and durability as compared to the other two types.

What you need to know about tripod turnstiles

These are the things that you must know about installing tripod turnstiles.

Choose a strong tripod – Make sure that your tripod should be strong enough so that it can bear the weight of the turnstile gate properly.


I hope this post will help you to install a tripod turnstile gate and to get a better understanding of what you need to do. But if you have any questions about this topic then you can share them through our comment section below.


What is the Tripod Turnstile system gate?

This is an extremely versatile and cost-effective turnstile system designed for both indoor and outdoor use. It’s ideal for use as a security gate, or even as an entrance for a retail store.

What does the Tripod Turnstile system gate do?

The Tripod Turnstile system gates allow you to open and close your driveway or driveway access without leaving your car. They are a great option for people who have an additional driveway, or one that is too long to walk through.

You can use this system with any gate that has a rotating base with a turning handle. To operate, you simply attach the base to the gate, and rotate it to the open or closed position. You can then lock it in place with the turning handle, and you’re ready to go.

Will the Tripod Turnstile system gate open if someone bumps into it?

The Tripod Turnstile system is designed to be safe to use. It will automatically close the gate when someone bumps into it. But it’s not meant to be an automatic safety gate, and you should check the manual to confirm this. It might also not be able to withstand significant wind or high wind speeds, or extreme temperatures, so you should take these into consideration before using it.

What are the benefits of Tripod Turnstile system?

Tripod Turnstile systems are a great alternative to traditional turnstiles. They can provide better convenience, safety, and accessibility, without compromising on security and safety features. Hence, it’s recommended to install one of these systems in any place where a traditional turnstile system isn’t appropriate.

Can the Turnstile be used to protect kids from traffic?

Yes, the Turnstile can be used to protect kids from traffic, especially during outdoor events. The device comes with several advantages over conventional barriers, including: (a) it doesn’t require any special skills to set up, (b) it’s extremely portable, (c) it’s highly versatile, and (d) it’s affordable.


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