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Full Height Turnstile Security Gate

Full Height Turnstile Security Gate Features:

  • Full Height Turnstile Security Gate is very stable, free-noise, and no mechanical fraction.
  • Full Height Turnstile Security Gate runs by DC brushless motor, free maintenance.
  • Self-checking function ensuring smooth operation.
  • Working status is bi-directional access, one-way pass and one-way free pass or one-way pass and one-way no access.
  • International standard interface available for access control devices.
  • LED personal counters available (Optional).
  • LED indicators showing passenger access status.
  • Advanced anti-crushing mechanism: when passing speed is too fast, the turnstile will slow down intelligently.
  • Advanced program ensuring legal access, when one side gets the access signal, the opposite side access is forbidden.
  • Self-locking mechanism: when passing time relapses, the turnstile will lock automatically.
  • Access passing memory available.
  • RS485 interface to control the turnstile with PC.


Full Height Turnstile Security Gate.
Full Height Turnstiles - EDS UK
Full Height Turnstile DS401FS - Global Security Turnstile Gates Supplier - Daosafe
Photo of EDSUKTFHT9313 full height stainless steel turnstiles

Full Height Turnstile Security Gate.
Technical parameters

Power voltage : AC220 ±10%, 50Hz

Arm turn degree : 90°

Drive voltage : AC12V+AC18V


Double channel: L2300*W1450*H2300mm

Single channel: L1600*W1500*H2300

(Operation condition -15°C~+60°C Structure Frame or 304 Stainless steel cover Humidity


Turn direction unidirectional or bidirectional Input

Open signal or 12V pulse>100ms

Work environment

Indoor, Outdoor(match against rain shelf)

Working Current ≤2000mA

IP level : IP43

Arm length : 600mm(optional)

Passage width : 630mm

Pass speed : ≤20person/minutes

Service life : ≥6 million times

The motorised version speeds up throughput whilst further facilitating the use of the tripod turnstile. After an authorizing input from the access control system, the arms inch forward to show the user that they have been authorized, then after a small amount of pressure from the user the arms complete their cycle.

Full height single turnstiles are available in stylish stainless steel, chrome or painted finishes.


What is the difference between Full Height Turnstiles and other Turnstiles?

Full height turnstiles are the most common kind of turnstiles in use today. They come in two basic types – manual and automatic. Manual type can be operated manually by a user from inside the gate or at a distance. Automatic type operate with sensors and can be operated from a distance with or without a person present.

Why do I need a Full Height Turnstile?

Full height turnstiles are used to prevent people from entering a restricted area. They are usually used for schools, museums, or any other location where it’s necessary to restrict access to specific areas.

The size of the door and the area inside should be similar to the height of the turnstile, to allow people to use the turnstile comfortably and without any physical strain.

What is the best Full Height Turnstile?

The best full height turnstiles in our opinion are the ones with a built-in LED lighting system that allows you to easily spot people trying to enter your facility. They are easier to operate and are less likely to jam. Also, they offer a lot more safety features than the regular manual turnstiles.

What are the benefits of a Full Height Turnstile?

Full height turnstiles are generally used in schools, malls, and libraries for security purposes. They provide a safe barrier between the public and the inside of the building, and also prevent unwanted people from entering the facility. These types of turnstiles are easy to install and operate, and can be easily controlled by an operator. They can also withstand high traffic levels without breaking down.

How long does it take to repair a Full Height Turnstile?

Full height turnstiles are easy to repair. They simply require a few screws and some maintenance, and you should be able to get it back in operation within a couple of days.


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