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3D LED Display Price in Bangladesh

Product Features
  • LED guarantee wide viewing angle and great color uniformity
  • High definition guarantee excellent performance
  • Specially designed handle and light aluminum cabinet insure convenient installation
  • Professional lock design makes seamless connection available
  • Full serviceable from front and back
  • Idea for use at indoor locations with short & middle viewing distance
  • Your inquiry related to our products or prices will be replied in 24hrs.
  • Well-trained and experienced staffs to answer all your enquiries

Automatic Door

Call: 01888 000 530 Automatic Door we have Automatic Sliding Door, Automatic Swing door Automatic Revolving door Automatic Glass Sensor Door Supply & Maintenance by Prime Automation.

Automatic Hospital Door Prime

Automatic Hospital Door Prime


  • Stainless Steel/MS Epoxy coating Body.
  • The thickness of the Door: 22mm(±2).
  • One Pocket Viewer on Door Body (12”x16”)
  • Door Color: SS or Blue or light Green, etc.

Automatic Hospital OT Door

The hermetically sealing sliding door has been specifically designed for use in areas where hygiene and the control of air leakage is critical. The system operator is designed for normal service with automatic pedestrian sliding doors and exclusively for a proper sealing in dry rooms. The door has a unique patented track system which enables it to seal perfectly when closed helping to reduce air handling costs, cross contamination and wound infections.

Automatic Revolving Door

Why Choosing Our Products

2.1 million times of tests passed 3.CE,ISO9001:2015 certificated approved. 4.Intelligent design,easy to install and adjust 5.Beautiful appearance, more  openning width 6.Security:the door open immediately if encounter an obstacle.

Automatic Sliding Door Holux

Holux Sensor Sliding Door X3
operator height 120 mm
operator depth 150 mm
gear motor power 50W
max. Leaf weight 1 x 150 kg / 2 x 100 kg
track profile Detachable aluminum
input power 230V AC +-10%, 50/60 Hz
hold-open time (adjustable) 0 - 30 s
opening speed (adjustable) 100 - 550 mm/s
closing Speed (adjustable) 100 - 500 mm/s
ambient temperature -15 to +50°C
protection class IP20

Automatic Sliding Door Prime 125

Automatic Sliding Door Prime 125 Door weight max.: 1x150kg, 2x120kg Door Width: 500-1200 mm Opening speed: 150-600 mm/s Closing speed: 120-500

Automatic Sliding Door Prime-155

Automatic Sliding Door Prime-155

Product Description

Prime-155 Pedestrian automatic sliding door mechanism is specially designed for light-load automatic glass doors. It is mainly composed of digital microprocessor controller(easy setting, checking and adjusting), and space-saving square motors(open the door to the maximum), and also more optional accessory connection terminals. This type automatic sliding door system is suitable for various kinds of pedestrian automatic glass doors without heavy load. They are widely used in office buildings, banks, restaurants, fruit shop,etc.

It is characterized by the following characteristics: ** ISO9001&CE certificated ** Modular design, microprocessor intelligent control, easy to install, operate and maintain ** High efficiency and low enengy consumption ** Low noise operation ** Microwave motion sensor, ensure safe passage, 10G or 24G optional ** Low carbon design, environment friendly ** With high-class rubber hanger roller, adopt imported roller bearing ** A highly intelligent multi-CPU control system, providing easy adjustable  function and high security performance ** Low noise design (<45db) ** Energy-saving, sound proofing ** When power off, backup batteries could be used to keep the door in normal operation ** Cost effective, wide applications

Automatic Swing Door

Optional Areas of Use

  • Fire and smoke doors
  • Smoke extraction
  • Emergency and rescue routes
  • Hermetic doors
  • Sound-proof doors
  • Radiation-proof doors
  • Minergie doors
  • Barrier-free construction
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