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Automatic Sliding Door – Holux

Holux Auto Sliding Door X3 is a new controlling microprocessor circuit board is designed and made by utilizing the most novel parts and latest technologies. Hence despite its minuscule size, its capabilities are incredibly superior to those of older models. In each and every step of designing and producing this controller, we have taken care of all research, design, and production stages in Germany and under close supervision of our German engineers who have decades of invaluable experience and we have also thoroughly followed all European Union and German DIN norms, such as machinery directives and electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) regulations. This has led the Holux X3 controller to ensure your safety and live a much longer prosperous life compared to similar products. Moreover, due to the use of sophisticated technologies to save energy and resources, you can be justly proud of enjoying Eco-friendly technology!


Germany Holux Automatic Sliding Sensor Door Price in Bangladesh:

HOLUX Safety Detection: Holux Auto Sliding Door  will provide the best security no doubt. There is an option of automatic stop for resistance during opening gate, also has automatic reverse for resistance during closing gate which ensures the best security system to use.

Brush less Motor: This automatic door solution made with quality DC24v motor. It’s the design of integrated mechanic and electric structure streamline fashionable outline.

Optional Device: Our Automatic Sensor door can integrate with  different types of optional device like- Photocell Safety Barrier, Remote Control, Functional Switch.

UPS (Battery Beck-up): Automatic Sliding Door Controller have optional Battery Beck-up system to keep run the door even after power failure approx 200 times or more. User can choose it.

Electronic Lock: Holux Super Shop Sliding Door can use an electronic Lock for safety at nigh

Application: Automatic motion sensor Sliding Glass Door is a perfect & smart entrance solution for Hospitals, Airports, Retail Centers, Pharmacies, Hotels, Grocery Stores, Hardware Stores, Sporting Goods Stores And more.

How Automatic Sensor Door Works: Automatic Sensor Door run by Brush less DC motor and open by sensor or access control or remote controller.

Automatic Sensor Door Price: We supply door operator with low & best price.

Access Control Sliding Glass Door: Prime Automatic Glass Sliding Sensor Door can use by Access control device like Finger print, RFID Card, Face Detection & Remote control.

Where we supply: We supply Prime Automatic Glass Sliding Sensor Door all over the Bangladesh, in BD, in Dhaka, in chattogram, in Sylhet, in Rajsahi


Holux X3

opening width – single panel

800 – 2000mm

opening width – double panel

1000 – 3000mm

max leaf weight (single)


max leaf weight (double)

2 x 100kg

operator height


operator depth


opening speed

100 – 550mm/s

closing speed

100 – 500mm/s

hold-open time

0 – 30s adjustable

protection class


ambient temperature

-15 to + 50°C

input power

230V AC ± 10%, 50/60 Hz

gear motor power


max power consumption


german-made control unit

german-made motor

anti-noise rubber profile

rechargeable backup battery


digital programme switch


electromechanical lock


Holux sliding door installation in Bangladesh

Holux has been providing an easy way for people to open their doors without lifting or pushing a button. A few decades ago, people used to have manual sliding doors which had to be pulled up and down. With Holux automatic sliding doors, you no longer need to lift or push the door to open or close.

This product is very popular and easy to use and install, but how does it work?

Holux sliding doors are basically very simple and easy to use. It comes with a remote control which is very easy to use and install. It has an auto-close function, and when the door closes, it will automatically turn off the lights. The door can be operated from both sides.

Installation process:

It is very easy to install and the installation process is also very simple. You just need to follow these steps.

First, place the door on the floor and put a piece of tape on the backside of the door. This will make sure that the door doesn’t move during the installation process.

Next, put the door up against the wall and fix it with screws or bolts.

Finally, connect the power supply to the door, and turn it on.

This product comes with a remote control which is very easy to use.


Holux automatic sliding doors are very popular and they are very easy to use and install. It is very convenient and you don’t have to lift or push the door up or down. It is a very good option if you want an extraordinary way to open your door.


What is the automatic sliding door?

The automatic sliding door is a smart door that has an internal sensor that detects when someone or something is outside the door. When this happens, the door will automatically open up to allow entry or exit. These doors are especially useful for commercial buildings, where they prevent anyone from going in or out without authorization. They are also great for homes with children or pets that might otherwise get out easily.

Where can I buy the automatic sliding door?

  1. You can find this type of door in home improvement stores or hardware stores. Just make sure it has these features:

2. It has to be automatic – you don’t have to push or pull the door to open or close it;

3. It has to have a sensor that detects when the door is opened and closes automatically;

4. It has to have a delay function so that it won’t close when someone is pushing it, and open when nobody is there to stop it.

What is the advantages of the automatic sliding door?

With an automatic sliding door, it’s possible to open and close it automatically using a remote control. You can also set the door to open at a certain time, or to open when someone approaches the door. In addition, these doors come with an automatic closing function as well.

How to fix the automatic sliding door?

The sliding doors in your house need to be regularly maintained. If you notice any issues with your automatic sliding door, then it’s time to call in a professional service provider to fix it right away.

Can this automatic door be installed in my house?

Yes, this automatic door can be installed in your house. But it would need to be designed and installed by a professional, and it would probably void your home’s warranty. Also, there are many variables that come into play when installing an automatic garage door, such as the size and weight of your garage, the pitch and type of your garage floor, the condition of your driveway and so on. Hence, if you attempt to install this yourself, you may end up causing more harm than good.

Does the sliding door open automatically?

No, the sliding door does not open automatically. You will need to activate it manually with a remote control or a button on your cell phone. This is one of the features we are most proud of – no automatic doors!


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