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IC Card Parking Management Systems

Entrance Controller:
PM-800CEX is an Exit Terminal parking System. It supports the Mifare IC card as parking tickets and provides fast and easy control of a parking facility. In the case of network disconnection, PM-800 can still be operated under stand-alone mode; online data will be saved and then sent back to Central Management Server after the network reconnected.



Exit Controller:

PM-800CEN is an Entry Terminal parking system. It supports Mifare cards as parking tickets and provides a fast and easy entrance control of a parking facility. While a presence of a car is detected at an Entry Terminal, a display and a vocal message will both prompt the driver to push a card button for a Mifare IC card. The card number, entry time, terminal ID and site ID are all written into the card. After the card is taken by the driver, the gate will be opened for entering. For that card dispensed but not taken by the driver are recycled and blacklisted, while back-out cards are also blacklisted by the parking system.

The Whole system includes 3 parts:

1.Entrance parts.
2.Exit Parts
3.Charge Centre

The system highlight:

It can store, modify or query information by Chinese or English version.
The software also can be edit to customers’ own language.
By connecting the controller to the PC directly, execute control commands and transmit parameters by the keyboard and mouse, it’s easy for management staff to grasp all the information.
Easy for setting system time, buffer time, and parking rates, and it can be transmitted to devices through the network.
Monitoring equipment status and the condition of parking space remaining through the network.


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