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IC Card Parking Management Systems

The integrated solutions include ticket systems, swipe cards, Automatic Number Plate Recognition(ANPR) or bluetooth card parking system.A well designed car parking system can be a successful revenue generator. IC card dispenser car parking access control system, is that the parker use the card issued by the system to access the parking area. There are two types of parker, one is visitor, the other is monthly/VIP parker. For visitor, they need to press the button to get a card. For monthly/VIP parker, they are issued a card before so they just swipe the card in the machine for access.

There are two types of payment, center or exit payment for visitors.

If center payment, the visitor passes the card to the manual cashier/auto pay station. The system will calculate the parking fee. After payment, the visitor can insert the card into the exit machine, then the barrier open automatically. If exit payment, the visitor passed the card to manual cashier. The system will calculate the parking fee. After payment, the barrier open automatically. For the monthly/VIP parker, they have paid the parking fee in the management center already. So they swipe the card and leave.



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