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WIFI Light Control

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Place of Origin: Guangdong, China (Mainland).
Brand Name: Sunricher Technology.
Model Number: SR-2818WITR + SR-1009FA.
Type: WIFI RGBW Controller.
Max. Load Power: 4x(96-288)W.
Voltage: 12-36VDC
Series: WIFI RGBW Controller.
Consist: WIFI transmitter SR-2818WIT + several SR-1009FA.
Suitable lights: RGB & RGBW & RGB+W led lights.
Signal: WIFI signal.
Control 1: by WIFI ipad iphone android phone.
Control 2: by Wall Touch panel & RF remote controller.
Certifcates: CE&RoHS&EMC.


    Power: 220 V AC,
    Watt: 100W
      Bar: Aluminum
Arm: 6M,
Boot Speed: 6S
Cabinet Size: 320x280x935
Color: Yellow
Weight: 45KG

How To Set up WiFi Light Control System?

Do you have a smart home and want to control the brightness and color of your LED bulbs? Then you need to connect your light bulbs using the WiFi Light Control system. The most common problem faced by users is the lack of knowledge regarding the WiFi light control system. Let’s check out some basic information related to the WiFi Light Control system:

WiFi light control system

WiFi light control system is a technology that can control the light bulbs connected to the system via WiFi. There are different types of wireless lighting solutions, but they all work on the same principle, they have a remote control that sends commands through the internet to a receiver which in turn controls the lights.


WiFi light control system is a great way to automate your home lighting without having to switch on and off the power or plug into an outlet. So, if you are looking for a smart home solution then I suggest that you should consider installing a WiFi light control system in your home.


Can I control light with WIFI?

Yes, you can use WiFi to control lights. But it’s not exactly the same as controlling your lights with a remote switch. The lights will still need to be plugged in, and their power source needs to be switched off before being turned on. You could also use a Bluetooth connected app to do this, but this might be more cumbersome than a traditional remote switch.

What kind of light can be controlled with WIFI?

A wireless light switch can be controlled with your WIFI router. It uses an app that allows you to change the light settings for rooms in your home, and it’s also available as an extension for your smartphone or tablet.

Is WIFI Light Control safe?

Yes, WIFI Light Control is completely safe and it can be used anywhere. It works with any wireless device, including smartphones, tablets, laptops, and even IoT devices. The only downside is that it needs a device with a WIFI connection to work with. So, if you don’t have a device like this, then you can use an older version of WIFI Light Control for free. However, the newer versions are more efficient and provide better features.

Is it easy to set up WIFI Light Control?

WIFI Light Control is a great tool for turning your lights on or off whenever you’re home or away, and can be set up in minutes. It works with any smart device (including your smartphone), and you don’t have to purchase additional hardware or software.

Can I control light with an Android phone?

Yes, it’s possible to control light with an Android phone. This can be done with various apps, but the most popular one is called “Light Control”. It lets you remotely turn the lights on or off, dim them down or up, and set the time at which they come back on.


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