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Photocell Safety Barrier Beam Sensor

Gate safety photocells are designed to reverse automation when the infra-red beam has been broken.

This will trigger a relay built into the photocell which switches a pair of contacts on the main control panel of your gates.

These photocells have an open circuit or a closed circuit which can be used to trigger the gates to reverse as a safety feature, or trigger to operate as an opening signal.



A safety device that includes a Receive and modulated infrared Transmitter, the self-aligning cell is called a self-aligning Photocell. The Receive is broken by a break in the path of the electrical contact.

The function of photocell sensors

1. Use microprocessor control (CPU) to create a digital circuit.

2. Professional waterproof design with rubber seal

3. A single beam sensor/single beam detect is used to control automatic slide doors, coil doors, garage door windows, and so on.

4. It consists of a transmitter, a receiver, as well as an integrated amplifier that can produce an infrared light beam.


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