PA MINI electric rope hoist:

Mini Electric Hoists have fix type and run type. They are suitable for all occasions, and can lift the cargo which is less than 1000 kgs, especially for high-rise building to lift heavy items from downstairs. This kind of hoists are simple structure, easy installation, small size and single phase power as a power source.

PA MINI Electric Rope Hoist- 1000KG in Bangladesh as a new electric hoist is widely used in machinery manufacturing, electronics, automotive, shipbuilding,work piece assembly, high-tech industrial zone and other modern industrial production line, assembly line, logistics transportation and other occasions.PA MINI Electric Rope Hoist- 1000KG in Bangladesh For the warehouse, docks, ingredients, hanging baskets and small workplace with narrow space to use the micro electric hoists, can be show its advantages. It is the best supporting products in fixed type jib crane and wall type jib crane. Micro electric hoist have good appearance, reasonable structure, easy installation,PA MINI Electric Rope Hoist- 1000KG in Bangladesh low noise, safe and reliable. So they are widely used in factories, workshops, homes, warehouses, hotel, shopping malls and decoration, and other places.

PA MINI Electric Rope Hoist- 1000KG in Bangladesh Protect Function:
*It is matched with brennschluss stopper, insure the hoist moving safety, long working life and reliable. And also it have head punch protection device.

Electric Mini Wire Rope Hoist Winch, Maximum Capacity: 1000KG, and Maximum Rope Length: 20Mtr

  • Type of Product : Mini Electric Hoist
  • Working: Electrical
  • Max. Capacity: 1000 Kgs (10 Mtrs) in a U-Hoop Manner.
  • Min. Capacity: 500 Kgs (20 Mtrs) in a Single Line Manner.
  • Lifting Height Double Hook: 10 Mtrs (1000 Kgs)
  • Lifting Height Single Hook: 20 Mtrs (500 Kgs)

Operation of machine is clearly shown in the Product Catalogue given with the winch.

Product is Made in China, Motor is 100%Copper, Product carries 1 Year Service Warranty.

Mini Electric Hoist Capacity 1760LBS 59FT Lift | Toolots

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