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Automatic Safety beam sensor

Automatic Safety Beam Sensor

multi-beam sensor window/door active infrared detector

  • Operates in direct sunlight due to unique IR beam technology
  • High false alarm immunity from leaves, blowing debris and small animals
  • Plug & Play auto-setup between twin beams without manual settings
  • Simple beam alignment using indications from LED bar and correlating buzzer
  • Anti-sabotage provided by encrypted beam signal with system ID
  • Anti-collision feature prevents crosstalk between adjacent units
  • Inherent 180° rotating swivel for side aiming
  • Adjustable beam positioning in the rail
  • Easy addition or replacement of modules without removing rail from wall, using patent-pending front mounting
  • UV protected polycarbonate IR filter cover and anodized aluminum rail
  • Cover and wall tamper protection
  • Alerts for gradual signal loss due to fog, snow, dust and rain