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Automatic Swing Barrier


  • Barriers made from stainless steel, acrylic glass, etc;
  • Automatic counting indicating passenger’s number.
  • Human base model indication function, real-time displaying, improve the passing rate and convenient maintain
  • Anti-pinch function, barriers auto open when the power shut, insure user safety.
  • Break-in, tail,over-pass, and reverse alert function in order to keep orderliness and effective manage.
  • Super combination capacity, adjustable model on site
  • Barriers move speed auto adjust with card reader, problem self-recovery, error calls function which could convenient users and operators
  • Standard input/output port, meanwhile leaving a port space for installing RS485 communication, connect and manage the integrated systems through the remote PC.
  • Turned up-coverage is water-proof and easy to maintain.
  • Open direction adjustable even though power off


Product Specification
Technical parameters

Power voltage : AC220 ±10%, 50Hz

Open angle : 90°

Drive voltage : AC12V+AC18V

Pass speed less than
30person /minutes

(Operation condition



Frame or 304 Stainless steel cover

Relative humidity


Open direction

Single and Double(optional)

Input signal

12v DC level or 12v pulse>100ms

Install place

Outdoor and indoor

Working Current

Less than 2000mA

IP Degree


Length of the bar


Width of passage

100-240 VAC Leaptor Swing Barrier Dual Lane S-348/2, Rs 780000 | ID:  21944206733

Swing Barrier Gates: How Can It Be?

Are you looking for a gate that can protect your property and make it more secure? If yes, then swing barrier gates are for you. Swing barrier gates are also known as swing gates and swing doors. They are very easy to install and are affordable as well. So, let us see how they work and why they are in demand.

Types of swing gates

There are various types of swing barriers and gates that can be installed at the home or business places. Let us see some of them here:

Single door

Single door swing barrier is used in homes where only one person enters the property. In this type of swing gate, a door can be opened and closed from either side. A single-door swing barrier is also known as a single-sided swing gate.

Double door

In this type of swing gate, both doors of the gate can be opened and closed simultaneously. Double door swing gates are used to protect the houses where people are entering and leaving.


These swing barriers are used to protect the business premises where 3 or more persons are entering and leaving. Three-door swing gates are also known as three-sided swing gates.


Swing barrier gates are used at home or business places to make them more secure and protected. The main purpose of installing these swing barriers is to provide easy access to the home or business place.


What is the Swing Barrier system?

The Swing Barrier system is an energy-efficient product that helps to prevent a swinging child or pet from entering the home’s garage. The Swing Barriers consist of a series of vertical bars with an open space in the middle, where you can place a magnet or metal pole to block the door from opening. The Swing Barriers can be installed on any door and they are designed to work with all standard garage doors.

What is the best Swing Barrier gate?

The best swing barrier gate is the one that offers the maximum security and durability while being easy to operate. The best swing barrier gates have a reliable locking mechanism, a sturdy design, and are weatherproof.

Does the Swing Barrier gate System really work?

This depends on your location, your needs and requirements, and the type of swing barrier gate system you’re looking for. If you live in an urban area, a swing barrier gate system might not be needed. If you have a large backyard and want a safe and sturdy entryway, a swing barrier gate system can offer the best security and protection.

If you’re looking for a custom-built swing barrier gate system, then you should contact a contractor who can help you with its design and installation.

Does the Swing Barrier gate work for both sides of the swing?

Yes, the Swing Barrier gate can work for both sides of the swing. The only thing to consider here is that the height of the barrier should be sufficient enough to prevent children from getting over the top.

Does the Swing Barrier gate works with all swings?

No, the Swing Barrier gate works with all swing gates. This means that the swing gates that have no additional locking mechanism can work with this swing barrier.


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