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Somfy Wifi Smart Curtain

Electrically-operated curtain tracks are ideal for out of reach or larger curtains. While regularly used in audio-visual or conference situations, We also provide a nice bit of luxury and extra ease of use at home. We offer solutions for single and multiple electric tracks which can also integrate into lighting, home entertainment and building management systems.


With our motorized systems, you can control all your curtains easily via your smartphone or a single remote control.


1. Alexa or Google home voice control.
2. Tuya App control.
3. Remote control.
4. Timer control, group control, scenes control.
5. Intelligent curtain motor for every common home.
6. Manual operation: When powered on, the curtain will open or close automatically after pulled 10cm by hand.
7. Manual operation without power: Without power, the curtain could be controlled by hand.
8. Obstacle stop function: The motor will stop when it meets obstacle, in order to protect the system.
9. Intermediate position: The motor could be placed in a intermediate position which is between close and open position.
10. Automatic position: The motor could remember the close and open position, users do not need to reset.
11. Freely assembling: DIY design and customized track length.

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