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Rolling Shutter Motor-Nice

Rolling Shutter Motor-Nice

Rondo Rolling Shutter Motor-Nice complete range for balanced rolling doors up to 360 kg. New bi-motor version

Easy to programme: Simple adjustment of the me- chanical limit switches thanks to the new white tab that allows the wheels used to adjust the rolling door opening and closing positions to be disengaged easily.

Easy to install: A few simple steps are all it takes to efficiently install the gearmotor on the spring shaft. Thanks to the crown and spring shaft adapters available, the product can satisfy a wide range of installation requirements.

Easy to use: Simple release system to block and release the rolling door from the ground (release cable 7 m long for double motor models, 5 m long for the single motor model).

Safe: All models in the range are equipped with an electro-brake. If there is a blackout while the rolling door is open, there is no risk of it falling.

Versatile: The new mechanical limit switch system allows the automation to be installed on rolling doors up to 7 m high.



Rolling Shutter Motor-Nice


A complete range for balanced rolling doors up to 360 kg.

New bi-motor version.

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For balanced rolling doors

up to 360 kg

Model RN2040

   OPERA     230V

Irreversible electromechanical gearmotor.

Recommended control unit MC200, easy, complete and reliable with:

  • compatible with the Opera system;
  • remote control with the MyNice Welcome App (thanks to the IT4WIFI interface);
  • semi-automatic or automatic operation;
  • complete reverse run with photocell;
  • step-by-step operation;
  • programmable Step-by-step/Open input;
  • programmable Stop/Photo input;
  • input for resistive edge;
  • incorporated radio card, compatible with the Nice Flo, FloR and Smilo

Bi-motor models RN2080 and RN2480
May be an image of text that says 'DIMENSIONS RN2480, RN2080 ም RN2040 350 350mm mm Nice 350 mm (230V) 370 mm (120V)'

Sturdy: housing

in 100% aluminium

Easy to programme:

simple to adjust electromechanical

limit switches in both opening and closing

Complete: designed

for cord operated release

COMMON ACCESSORIES                                                                                                                  TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS

Code RN2480 RN2080 RN2040




Interface for connecting the O-View program- ming unit.

Pc./Pack 1


Plug-in communica- tion interface between Z-WaveTM gateways and Nice motors.

Pc./Pack 1


Smart Wi-fi interface to manage gates and garage doors by smar- tphone.

Pc./Pack 1


Control unit with auto- matic closing.

Pc./Pack 1


Power supply (Vac 50 Hz)* 230 230 230
Absorption (A) 5,4 5,4 2,7
Power (W) 1.260 1.260 630


Speed (rpm) 9 10 10
Torque (Nm) 400 280 170
Continuous operating time (min) 4 4 4
Limit switch (mt) 7 7 7
Shaft diameter (mm) 76 60 60
Shaft adapters** 48
Crown diameter (mm) 240 200 200
Crown adapters** 220 220
Electro-brake Yes Yes Yes
Release cable (mt) 7 7 5
Power cable (length in m) 4×1 mm2 (6 m) 4×1 mm2 (6 m) 4×0.75 mm2 (4 m)
Protection level (IP) 20 20 20
Working temp. (°C Min/Max) -20 ÷ +55 -20 ÷ +55 -20 ÷ +50
Dimensions (mm) 240×370 200×350 200×350
Weight (kg) 17 14 8




Shaft adaptor Ø 42 mm for Rondo.

Pz./Conf. 1


Key-operated selector switch for low voltage contacts, with release mechanism for metal cord.

Pc./Pack 1


Aluminium key switch/ switch lock box with control and release button.

Pc./Pack 1


Signboard. Pc./Pack 1

* 120 Vac version available on request. **Included with product.


RN2480, RN2080



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