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ZKTeco ZK-D3180S

Archway Metal Detector Gate

ZKTeco ZK-D3180S 18-Zone Archway Metal Detector Gate

18 mutual over-lapping detecting zones, simultaneous alarm from multi zones, 256 sensitivity level and 0-255 adjustable, 5.7 inch LCD screen, infrared remote control, sound and LED alarm, automatically count passengers and alarm times, alarm strength indicator on the control panel, password protection.



Power Supply AC85 V – 264 V
Working Temperature -20OC to +50OC
Ingress protection Degree IP54
Working Frequency 4KHZ—8KHZ
Standard External size 2230mm(H)x830mm(W)x730mm(Deep)
Standard Internal size 2000mm(H)x700mm(W)x605mm(Deep)
Package size for door panels 2260x650x260mmx1ctn
Package size for control unit 780x390x250mmx1ctn
Gross weight 70KG


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