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Hydraulic System


  • Easy to install and low cost.
  • No drive system on the ground has a nice overall appearance.
  • Can be fallen without electricity.
  • No requirements about distance of bollard and driving system.
  • Each bollard can individually operate.


The Scissor Lift is the most widely used type of lift worldwide. It is commonly used in many applications where a person needs to work from a high position, such as construction sites, building renovation sites, roofing, and so on.
A self-propelled scissor lift is a machine used to raise and lower people and things. They are most often used to raise workers to high places where they can make repairs, do maintenance, clean, or perform other construction-related tasks. These lifts can also be used to transport people and materials from one level to another.
Self-propelled scissor lifts are ideal for warehouses, factories, garages, construction sites, and just about anyplace else that requires the movement of heavy loads. They are also used in many theme parks to transport guests between rides.
A Scissor Lift is a kind of machine that is designed to help you to do work in a safe and effective way. It can be used to move things or people from one place to another. It can be equipped with various kinds of jobs and different kinds of attachments to meet various needs. so it is suitable for the use of a variety of materials and different working environments.


A hydraulic scissor lift is a mechanical device used for raising and lowering loads. It consists of a base (called a “scissor”) with two “legs” that can be extended or retracted by means of hydraulic cylinders. When the legs are fully extended, the platform is at its highest point. As you lower the platform, the legs retract, which lowers the platform. The platform is raised and lowered either manually or by a motor.

Hydraulic lifts are extremely useful in any type of construction. They are very cost-effective, compared to other types of elevators. They are also very easy to install. Almost anyone can do it with minimal training. And because they are so versatile, they are often used where other types of elevators would not be feasible.

Scissor lifts are used to move heavy loads from one place to another, and they can be used in many different applications. They can be used to move heavy tools, materials, equipment, or even people. If you need to move something large and heavy around a workshop, factory, or warehouse, then a hydraulic scissor lift is a great option.


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