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Hydraulic System Wheelchair Lift in Bangladesh

  • Hydraulic System Wheelchair Lift in Bangladesh  Customizablemeet your different needs
  • Hydraulic System Wheelchair Lift in Bangladesh  Lifting capacity: 250 kg
  • Lifting height: 800 mm – 10,000 mm, subject to customer requirements
  • Flexible design and feature options: Can be built to suit virtually any home or commercial project from basic to the ultimate in luxury.
  • Quiet and reliable hydraulic drive: Smooth start, stop.
  • Multiple safety device: With anti-drop function, the platform will stop within 0.15 seconds in case of drive chain breaking. Safety plate is installed on the bottom of the platform, which will be stopped if the safety plate is touched by any foreign object.
  • Material: Hydraulic System Wheelchair Lift in Bangladesh More than 85% of the external parts are made of rust-proof materials (stainless steel and aluminum alloy).
  • Power: The power supply adopts single-phrase power, and the control voltage uses 24V DC safety voltage.
  • Other parts: Handrail, auto-ramp, emergency stop button on control panel.


Hydraulic System Wheelchair Lift in Bangladesh Features and Advantages:
1. Aluminum Alloy material with great anti corrossion function.
2. High quality pump station make the wheelchair lifts and falls very stably.
3. Automatical Safety sensor at bottom stop lowering when come accorss barrier.
4. Electric magnetic lock works during lifting and lowering to guarantee safety.
5. Heavy duty cylinders with drainage system and check valve to stop the scissor lift table lowering in the case of hose burst.
6. Pressure relief valve prevent overload operation; Flow control valve make descent speed adjustable.
7. Brief structure make it much easier to operate and maintain.
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