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  • High quality metal enclosure, anti-damage & anti-corrosion design.
  • Fingerprint access control, users convenient.
  • Infrared remote control keyboard, easy operation.
  • Exquisite and concise appearance.
  • Energy-saving standby mode.
  • Compatible with other access control systems.
  • ISO and CE certificates.
  • Two year warranty.


Technical specifications of fingerprint:

Supply voltage


Standby current


Dormancy current


Relay contact load capacity


Fingerprint storage capacity

120 pcs

Fingerprint input time


Fingerprint identification time


Collector resolution

450 DPI

Ambient temperature


Relative humidity










Fingerprint security systems are a good option for companies to put into place because they tend to be difficult to hack, as there is not a password or any sort of data to input. Rather, fingerprint security systems utilize biometric technology. The best way to think about this is it is a “password-less” security system. That means no one has to remember a password or any other type of secret code. This also means there is no need for anyone to write down or have a copy of the code. When you use a biometric access control system, you no longer have to worry about lost keys, writing down passcodes, keeping track of multiple things like that. Instead, all you have to do is present your finger or a facial pattern or whatever unique biometric identifier the system recognizes, and you will be granted access.


Biometric access control is a system that prevents intruders from accessing certain areas or resources by verifying them as unauthorized persons. Fingerprint scanning is the most commonly used biometric technology. In this case, the user’s fingerprints are scanned and compared to the data stored in the database. This method is very accurate because it can identify people even if they have changed their fingerprints.

fingerprint data is stored securely, Your fingerprint data is stored locally on your device and is not sent to Google. This means you can have hundreds of fingerprint verification apps on your phone, and none of them will have access to your fingerprint data. Your fingerprint data is only used to verify your identity, and is never sent or shared with anyone else.

Access control refers to the ability to limit access to resources within a system. Physical access control, also known as perimeter access control, restricts access to an asset by controlling who or what can enter a specific area.

In a world where every aspect of our lives is being tracked, it’s important to use strong passwords.
Fingerprint scanners are vulnerable to hackers because they are designed to identify and authenticate a person by their unique fingerprint. It’s not just a fingerprint scanner that can be hacked, however; it’s also possible to hack into any other security system, including those that use passwords.

Biometrics are unique physical characteristics, such as fingerprints, that can be used for automated recognition. This system, called the Automated Biometric Identification System or IDENT, is operated and maintained by OBIM. The IDENT system was developed by the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) and is operated and maintained by the OBIM.


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