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Container Loading Unloading Ramp

Container Loading Unloading Ramp Lift adopt strong steel ,The slope is small and it is convenient to carry the vehicle up and down. The mobile boarding bridge is powered by a manual hydraulic pump, and the height adjustment can be easily achieved without external power supply. The front end is equipped with adjustable supporting legs, which is more firm and safer when loading and unloading, and has a large load capacity. The folding transition plate at the rear of the mobile docking bridge and the forklift hook can easily hook the mobile docking bridge. The bridge body frame is made of high-strength manganese steel and a unique welding process, which has high strength and large bearing capacity.



Diamond grid steel plate Platform surface

Long-term use does not deform, non-slip, normal use in rain and snow

The length of the chain can be adjusted, which is convenient for hooking the truck, so that the mobile docking bridge and the
truck closely fit
Hydraulic Power Pump
Using a hand-cranked hydraulic pump as power, the height adjustment of the boarding bridge can be realized without an external
power source
Brake pads
The configured brake pads can prevent the boarding bridge from moving during loading and unloading work.


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