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Automatic Swing Gate System

Product Features:

Prime automatic sliding gate opener is a heavy-duty and much stronger automatic gate opener, it is designed for gates up to 1500 kgs. The opener has a built-in controller, receiver, and emergency key release. Its power supply is 220V with a power rating of 550W. This slide gate opener is an installer-friendly automatic gate opener that provides long-lasting, trouble-free performance. Long service life, High security, convenient installation & almost no maintenance.


 Automatic Swing Gate Buy Automatic Swing Gate in Dubai United Arab Emirates
Technical Specification:

Model SG500 ,Power input AC220V/110V±10% (50-60Hz) ,Motor power 550W, Maximum gate weight 1500KGS,Motor voltage 24V DC ,Gate moving speed 12m/min Product weight 16kg ,Transmitter frequency 433.92MHz, Remote control range 75M ,Limit switch Magnetic or Spring , limit switch Stable performance Electric soft start, soft stop Safety function ,Automatic reverse back upon impact Working temperature-20ºC-65ºC.

PRIME AUTOMATION ENGINEERING has been a leading manufacturer and supplier of industrial & residential automation products and services in Bangladesh for more than 10 years. The automatic swing gate has gained popularity because it offers a very high level of safety and security. The system consists of a series of hinged steel gates that are connected together to form a continuous barrier. The gates are equipped with radio frequency identification (RFID) sensors that are triggered by a radio signal sent out from a transmitter on the authorized vehicle. When the authorized vehicle passes through the gate, the RFID sensor sends a signal to a receiver unit on the gate which, in turn, opens the gate automatically. This prevents anyone from driving onto the property without permission.
Swing gates are used in a variety of different applications and are increasingly being adopted by airports, shopping malls, and commercial facilities. They are a great solution for shared spaces that require an automatic opening and closing mechanism.
The application of automatic swing gates at various corporate, private, and industrial areas ensures safety by disallowing illegal intrusions of vehicles into the premises. It uses state-of-the-art technology to enhance tight security. The manual sliding gate system is recommended for heavy-duty applications and best suited for business use. Oil bath motor reduction gear is added to it to make certain its sturdiness and durability.


How does an automatic swing gate work?

This is a very simple home automation project, but it illustrates how easy it is to incorporate electronics into your projects. What you’ve done here is build an “electronic fence” around your yard. If someone tries to walk through the “fence” (your remote control) while the control unit is not receiving any signals from the photocells, the motor will close the gate automatically.

What is a swing gate opener?

An electric gate operator is a device that makes a gate work automatically and enables you to open and close them without manual operation. In addition, the operator opens the gate by swinging it inwards and keeps it open for some time to allow traffic.

Are automatic gate openers secure?

Gate Openers are Safe, Secure, and Simple. An “electronic fence” is an automatic gate that opens for people with a pre-programmed credit card or phone number. This type of fence can be very helpful in keeping people out of places that are not meant for them, such as a private residence, a high-end retail establishment, or a business that doesn’t want the competition. If you use this type of system, it’s a good idea to also have an alarm system with a siren and flashing lights.

What Advantages of Automatic Gate Openers?

The advantages of automatic gate openers are that they do not require human intervention to operate. They are very easy to install and operate. They can be used in any location and can be installed with ease. They are designed to operate reliably. They are easily accessible and affordable. They are also environmentally friendly.


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