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Automatic Swing Door

Overall features of Auto swing gate opener:

  1.  Microcomputer technology, self-learning function.
  2.  Modular design, easy installation, and replacement.
  3. With intelligence, self-protection of overheat and overload can rebound back upon an obstacle, safe and reliable.
  4. Electric lock control function.
  5. Intelligent control system with adjustable parameters
  6. Advanced brushless motor with lower consumption, energy-saving, high efficiency, great torque, low noise, and long service life.
  7. The door can be connected with remote control, password reader, card reader, microwave sensor, exit switch, etc.
  8.  The safety beam protects the guest from bumping the door, safe and reliable.
  9.  The optional backup battery can ensure normal operation in case of power failure.
  10. Two-year warranty.
  11.  ISO and CE approved


Technical specifications of Auto swing gate opener:

Door style


Open  angle

90 degree

Door  width


Door leaf weight


Opening  speed


Closing  speed


Hold open time


Power  supply

AC220V-AC240V   50Hz-60Hz

Brushless motor

55W, DC24V

Operation  noise

≤ 55dB

Ambient temperature



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