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Auto swing gate opener

Overall features of Auto swing gate opener:

  1.  Microcomputer technology, self-learning function.
  2.  Modular design, easy installation, and replacement.
  3. With intelligence, self-protection of overheat and overload can rebound back upon an obstacle, safe and reliable.
  4. Electric lock control function.
  5. Intelligent control system with adjustable parameters
  6. Advanced brushless motor with lower consumption, energy-saving, high efficiency, great torque, low noise, and long service life.
  7. The door can be connected with remote control, password reader, card reader, microwave sensor, exit switch, etc.
  8.  The safety beam protects the guest from bumping the door, safe and reliable.
  9.  The optional backup battery can ensure normal operation in case of power failure.
  10. Two-year warranty.
  11.  ISO and CE approved


Technical specifications of Auto swing gate opener:

Door style


Open  angle

90 degree

Door  width


Door leaf weight


Opening  speed


Closing  speed


Hold open time


Power  supply

AC220V-AC240V   50Hz-60Hz

Brushless motor

55W, DC24V

Operation  noise

≤ 55dB

Ambient temperature


What are swing doors?

Swing doors are automatic and mechanical doors that open when someone passes through them. The swing door opens automatically when it senses the presence of someone or if it is closed then it can be opened manually. It’s a kind of sliding door that slides up and down on rails.

Swing doors are more popular than other types of doors because they are easy to use and install. You just have to align the rails and fix the sliding panel at the desired height.

Pros of swing doors:

It has an excellent safety record as the doors close automatically when someone passes through it.

The swing doors also provide an additional layer of security. If someone tries to force the doors open by pulling, the doors will be forced closed automatically.

Swing doors are easy to use. They do not require much maintenance as they are automatic and don’t need any manual intervention.

Swing doors are durable as they have a built-in mechanism to ensure that they do not rust or get damaged over a long period of time.


I hope you liked this post. Swing doors are a great way to enhance the security in your home. But if you are not using them, then it will become more of an eyesore in your home. So, it is recommended that you install them in all your houses.


The best place to buy an automatic swing door is online. Online retailers like Amazon have a wide selection of doors, and their prices are often lower than traditional stores. You should also check out Amazon’s “Best Sellers” category, which lists the most popular products in each category, so you can compare their prices and features.

An automatic door opens and closes based on the presence or absence of something like a person, a car, or a package. Hence, this allows the door to open when someone or something is approaching, and close after they’ve passed by. This reduces the amount of time your door remains open, which in turn helps reduce the chances of it getting vandalized. Also, it creates a safer environment for your customers, and reduces the potential for lawsuits.

The new automatic swing door is a welcome addition to any business. It has a wide range of applications in retail, warehousing, manufacturing, food service and hospitality, and many other fields. In most cases, this type of door replaces the old door with a counterbalance system, and hence requires much less force from your hand or a motor to open and close it. But not all door operations can be replaced with this system, and hence, it’s best to test drive it in your business to see if it works for you or not.

The automatic swing door is very useful for some houses that have narrow openings or a lot of traffic.

A garage door is a vertical door that swings up or down, while an automatic door is a horizontal one that swings from side-to-side. A garage door can be powered by a remote control, while an automatic door needs to be triggered by an electronic sensor. Garage doors can be opened and closed manually with a crank, while an automatic door will simply open when it detects motion. A garage door might weigh 400 pounds, while an automatic door might weigh as little as 30 pounds. Garage doors have a life expectancy of 15-20 years, while automatic doors can last 20 years or more. If you decide to get an automatic door, you should make sure that it is a high-quality, energy-efficient unit, and that it has an extended warranty too.

Most automatic swing doors open in a counter-clockwise direction only. However, some models do have a bi-directional opening option, so you should check this before purchasing. Also, if you have an older model that doesn’t have this feature, you can retrofit it with one by simply replacing the original motor with a dual-directional motor.


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