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Automatic Swing Door Opener

Automatic Swing Door Opener low energy automatic swing door opener that is activated by wireless push buttons. Automatic Swing Door Opener operates in both automatic and manual modes, In manual mode, door opens with very little pressure and closes slowly providing easy operation Automatic Swing Door Opener for handicapped or pedestrians.


Automatic Swing Door Opener

Both Inswing and Outswing Opening Door Available, You Will Get Both Inswing Push Arm and Outswing Pull Arm
Automatic Swing Door Operator - Maxwell Auto Doors

Automatic Swing Door Opener with Wireless Push Button
Automatic Swing Door - SD02

1. The Automatic Swing Door Opener motor adopts DC24V turboworm motor with one grade variable speed and long service life. Automatic Swing Door Opener controller can be directly connected with the access control, electric lock, etc., without additional 12V power supply.

2.  Automatic Swing Door Opener model SW200 can hold up to 200kgs of weight, making it more powerful to run. If it is a frameless glass door, which can be equipped with a frameless glass clip, and door can run smoothly.

3. Reinforced high strength aluminum alloy and imported original parts used. —  Whole machine adopts the imported original parts, with reinforced high strength aluminum alloy shell design, anti-pressure and anti-wear, firm and durable.

4. Imported motor from Germany — The motor are imported from Germany with fast speed and service life of more than 1 million times. The motor adopts optimized design, which has higher efficiency and can produce considerable energy saving effect.

5. Microcomputer controller, more intelligent — several sets of transistors are added inside the controller, and a set of protection switches can stabilize the voltage. You don’t need extra hand programmer to adjust the parameters, you can adjust the parameters directly on machine.

6. Universal voltage can widely used — The Automatic Swing Door Opener  motor design takes into account the variation of voltage in different regions, makes the motor adapt to the use of voltage in multiple regions, and guarantees the user performance.(It have made the transformer function directly in the controller, so you can connect AC110V/ AC220V directly to machine.)

7. Multi-function interface- Automatic Swing Door Opener can be connected with the electronic lock, the access control system and etc., and can be connected directly with sensor.

8. The Automatic Swing Door Opener  Remote control distance can be more than 10 meters, and flexible adjustment of automatic door (automatic, normally open, normally closed, semi-open).


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