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Automatic Swing Door – Dorma ED 250

External program switches are available in different designs and have been conceived for all kinds of demands. They offer various options, from a mechanical to a full-electronic version, alternatively also lockable via Euro profile half-cylinder or in a full-electronic way via code. These switches are designed to replace the internal program switch.


Technical specifications of Automatic Swing Door – Dorma ED-250:

Power consumption

240 watts

Closing force

EN 2–6, adjustable

Max. door-leaf weight for lintel
depths of up to 225 mm

250 kg

Max. door-leaf weight for lintel
depths of 226 mm to 500 mm

120 kg

Door-leaf width
for single-leaf version

700–1,600 mm

Door-leaf width
for double-leaf version

1,450–3,200 mm

Max. opening speed

60° (25°*)/second

Max. closing speed

60° (25°*)/second

Axle extension

30/60/90 mm

Lintel depth for slide channel

+/– 30 mm

Lintel depth for standard arm

0–500 mm


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