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Automatic Sliding Sensor Door Germany Holux

We are providing sliding door systems provides superior performance and a wide range of innovative solutions to meet the needs of the most demanding environments. From hospital entrances to retail applications, the smooth, quiet operation and versatile configurations make the automatic sliding door system ideal for any application Safe and easy to use, they are suitable for any entrance, from simple opening and closing to providing a hermetic seal. It can be also applied to framed or frame-less glass door. With specially-designed aluminum track and cover (standard length, could be cut as per customer’s need), low-noise round type brush-less motor, non-digital and/or digital microcomputer controller, 24G microwave induction sensors. Optional remoter control device or function keypad, it is commonly used in modern life.


Germany Holux Automatic Sliding Door Sensor Door in Bangladesh:

Holux Auto Sliding Door X3 uses the latest technology and innovative parts. Its capabilities are far superior to older models despite being small in size. We have been responsible for all stages of the design, production, and research of this controller in Germany. Our Expert engineers have many years of valuable experience. We also have strict compliance with all European Union and German DIN norms such as machine directives and electromagnetic compatibility regulations. Holux X3 controller is safer than similar products and can last longer. You can also be proud to have Eco-friendly technology because of the sophisticated technologies used to conserve energy and resources.

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