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Automatic Sliding Door Dorma – ES-200

Tested to 1,000,000 cycles, the ES-200 is a high-quality, high-performing modular automatic sliding door operator unit giving a reliable performance. Additional modules and options facilitate made-to-measure solutions for automatic sliding doors.


Door parameters

ES 200

Single-panel – Clear passage width LW sliding door – Door panel weight, max.

700 – 3000 mm 1 x 200 kg

Double-panel – Clear passage width LW sliding door – Door panel weight, max.

800 – 3000 mm 2 x 160 kg

Clear passage height*

2100 – 3200 mm

Technical data of operator


100 and 150 mm

Installation depth

180 mm

Opening and closing force, max. 150 N


Opening speed (incremental setting)

10 – 70 cm/s

Closing speed (incremental setting)

10 – 50 cm/s

Hold-open time

0 – 180 s

Supply voltage, frequency

230 V, 50/60 Hz

ES 200 Easy: Dorma

Door parameters

ES 200 Easy 

1-panel sliding door – Transit width LW
– Door panel weight, max

700 – 3000 mm
1 x 120 kg

2-panel sliding door – Transit width LW
– Door panel weight, max.

800 – 3000 mm 2 x 100 kg

Technical data


100 und 150 mm


180 mm

Opening and closing force, max. 150 N


Opening speed (incremental setting)

10 – 70 cm/s

Closing speed (incremental setting)

10 – 40 cm/s

Hold-open time

0,5 – 30 sec.

Mains voltage, frequency

230 V, 50/60 Hz

Power consumption

180 W

International protection

IP 20

Tested according to low-voltage guidelines


Manufacture according to ISO 9001:2000


ES 200 Automatic Sliding Door Operator

The ES 200 is a modular sliding door operator available in various track heights. It is ideal for small to medium-sized automatic sliding doors. It can be programmed directly at the control unit or via a handheld terminal. The ES 200 also has a battery backup system that monitors the battery charge and switches the unit on when needed.

The completely redesigned sliding door operator

It now has a microprocessor that automatically controls the speed at which the door opens and closes. This allows the user to open and close the door very quickly without having to use their hands to hold the door open or closed for an extended period of time. The microprocessor also ensures that the door is completely and evenly shut each and every time it is used.

The ES 200 is available in three different models, each with a different type of door to accommodate different applications. These models are:

* Model ES 200 for sliding glass patio doors

* Model ES 400 for sectional sliding glass doors


A modular design means that the ES 200 can be tailored to your specific requirements. The standardized mechanical components and the replaceable track rail can be combined with different operators (consisting of drive and control unit, motor, and power supply unit) to create an operator set that meets your needs.

Fields of application

The Efco ES 200 Emergency Escape System is a unique system that provides a safe means of egress from buildings in an emergency. It’s an ideal solution for high-traffic public buildings, such as hospitals, schools, universities, and shopping centers. The system can also be installed in private buildings to provide an effective escape route in case of fire. The system is designed to comply with legislation to ensure disabled access and is suitable for use on emergency escape routes.


If you have a sliding patio door, you can use Autoslide with your existing door. It’s easy to install, it requires no modifications to your existing door and it works with all types of doors including: wood, fiberglass, vinyl and steel.

An automatic glass sliding door is a door that has a motorized mechanism attached to it. These doors can be opened and closed automatically based on the movement of a person or object, or even automatically by sensing the presence of a person nearby.

They are commonly found in large homes, commercial buildings, and other places where security is a concern. They come in two styles – manually controlled and automatic. You can also find them in combination with a security system, or even with an automated gate.

An automatic door system (also called an “auto-opener”) is an electronic device that automatically opens your garage door or any other type of door for you when it detects your vehicle approaching. It senses when your car is within a certain range, and then sends a signal to the door to open up. These are especially helpful when you are getting ready to leave in the morning and don’t want to struggle with opening the garage door manually. They can also be helpful if you are going on vacation or any other time when you don’t need to open the door yourself.

They use a radio frequency (RF) signal sent out by a transmitter device located near the door. The door then has a small antenna built into it, which picks up this signal and opens the door. Some doors have an RF receiver device located near the door opening, which sends a signal to close the door if it detects an unexpected RF signal.

 An automatic door is a mechanical device that opens or closes a hinged door, without human intervention. They are usually activated by a motion sensor or a push button. They can be used to reduce the need for a human operator, and also to provide access to areas that are not accessible to people.

No, magnets are not used in automatic doors. They are more often used to open and close windows, garage doors, and gates. In fact, most modern automatic doors don’t even have any moving parts.


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