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Automatic Sliding Door Prime – 125

Features of Sliding door operating system:

  • Microprocessor control. Advanced electric lock with self-testing function, ensure the doors are always secure. Energy-saving power unit. Quick and simple installation, set-up, and maintenance. Safety beam and safety photocell make it safer and more reliable. Can work excellently with fingerprint switch, remote control, push-button, access keypad, safety sensor, digital wireless video, etc.


Sliding Doors – The Ultimate Luxury Product

If you are a business owner then you must know that the best way to increase the revenue is by providing the customers with quality products and services. This is why, there is a huge demand for automatic sliding doors in the market.

Automatic Sliding Doors

The automatic sliding doors are the ultimate luxury product as it helps you to save time, energy, and money. It also provides the users with a sense of security. If you have ever visited an airport then you will understand the importance of sliding doors.

You might be thinking that what is so special about automatic sliding doors and why you should buy one? Well, it will be easier if I tell you about its benefits.

How to Install Automatic Sliding Doors?

It is not that difficult to install the automatic sliding doors. All you need to do is follow these steps:

Choose the perfect model according to your budget

The first thing that you need to do is to choose the perfect model according to your budget. There are various types of automatic sliding doors such as the single-sided, double-sided, and bi-fold doors. You must decide which one suits your requirements the most.

Take a good look at the sliding mechanism

Now, the next thing that you need to do is to take a good look at the sliding mechanism. It should be smooth and easy to use. Also, you should be able to slide it easily by just pushing the button.

You should also check the glass

Check whether the glass is strong enough or not. Make sure that it doesn’t break easily or fall off. The glass should be in good condition as it will protect your home from outside elements.

Get the right kind of sliding mechanism

Now, you need to get the right kind of sliding mechanism for your door. The most common types are the roller, motor, and chain.


If you are looking to increase the security and privacy of your home then automatic sliding doors will help you to do so. You can even install them on the ground and the second floor of your home. But, before buying one make sure that you check all the details such as the price, size, and type.


What is the difference between a standard automatic sliding door and an electric one?

A standard automatic door opens and closes based on the amount of force applied to it. But an electric door is opened or closed with an electrical motor. So, when you push the door to open it, it will stay open until you release the pressure. On the other hand, when you push the door to close it, it will stay closed until you apply some external force to it (like a person pushing on it from the outside). Hence, if you want to use your electric door as a normal automatic one, you need to put some sort of limit on it so that it will not remain open or closed without any human intervention.

How often should I lubricate my automatic sliding door?

Automatic sliding doors need to be lubricated once every three months to maintain optimal performance. This is especially true if you live in a high-humidity area or the temperature is extreme. If the temperature is low, you can wait until once a year. It is recommended to use a light oil that is compatible with your door’s material, as it helps prevent rusting.

How do I know if my automatic sliding door needs lubricating?

If your automatic sliding door is hard to open or close, or makes a screeching sound when opening or closing, then it likely needs lubricating. But, be careful. Not lubricating the door too much will cause it to bind or stick, which can be very dangerous! So, just a thin film of oil is all you need.

How often should I clean my automatic sliding door?

This entirely depends on how dirty or grimy it gets over time. If it stays clean all the time, then you may need to do it once a year. But if it gets really dirty and grimy, then you should do it more often – like after every use. This prevents accumulation of dirt and grime, which can cause malfunctioning and reduce efficiency.

Does my automatic sliding door have a problem with mildew?

Your automatic sliding door likely has a problem with mildew due to the accumulation of moisture. In such cases, you will need to clean the door regularly, especially if the outside is prone to humidity or rain. You can use a cleaning solution to remove mildew and grime.


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