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Automatic Shutter With Walking Door



        1. Constant close type: The escape door is closed normally; In case of an emergency, pull the door open and it returns to the default place to keep Closed;
        2. Constant open type: The escape door is open in normal conditions, but when The indoor temperature reaches 70 centigrade, it closes automatically to prevent Flames to spread.

They can be widely used in any part of the building industrial, civil, or Public buildings to prevent fire from spreading, such as high buildings, Business towers, hospitals, libraries, workshops, warehouse for dangerous items; Ordinary warehouses, carport, or underground constructions. Our other products: Roller shutters, roller doors, sectional doors, blinds, awnings, sliding door opener, swing door opener, gate opener, window opener, access control system(for automatic doors or awnings) etc.

It is not an easy task to get a smart home but with the help of technology and advancements in the market, we can easily get our own home that is smart.

Home is the most important place for every person; it is a place where you can relax and feel at home. But if you want to enjoy your life and live peacefully then you must get a smart home. Smart home provides you with a comfortable life as you can use it according to your needs. You can control it from your mobile phone or you can simply open the app on your smartphone to use it.


How do I set up an automatic shutter?

The easiest way is to have your local building supply store (hobby shop or lumberyard) cut 2x4s to 1-1/2 inches wide and 4 feet long. Then, you nail or screw these strips of wood to the inside surface of the doors. Make sure they are screwed into the interior of the door on the bottom half of the door where there is a lip around the edge. Then, when the door is closed, the strips of wood hold it shu

Do automatic shutters have a delay?

No, they don’t have a delay. An automatic shutter is a mechanical device that opens and closes automatically according to pre-set conditions.

What is the best automatic shutter door for my home?

There are several kinds of automatic doors. The most common one is the one which automatically opens and closes when you approach it. You have to place a sticker on the door for this kind of door to work. Another type is the automatic door which will open or close based on a distance sensor. This type of door requires no manual intervention, but they are more expensive than the first kind.

What is the best automatic shutter door for my home?

There are a few choices of automatic doors available on the market. The best choice for your home will depend on how much money you are willing to spend. A good starting point is to ask yourself what your priorities are and select a product based on those criteria


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