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Automatic Security Crash Rated Rising Bollard

Automatic Security Crash Rated Rising Bollard

  • Easy to install and low cost.
  • No drive system on the ground has a nice overall appearance.
  • Can be fallen without electricity.
  • No requirements about distance of bollard and driving system.
  • Each bollard can individually operate.


Automatic hydraulic rising bollard is our main product, one kind of anti-crash barricade.
The integrated hydraulic movement inside the bollard, compare to a traditional rising bollard with the hydraulic power unit, have easy installation, save budget, after-sales easy maintenance several advantages, connect with control system and main power could lift directly.

Passed equivalent K12 rated crash test, our bollard could meet customer high-security requirements. Bollard cylinder material, 304 stainless steel, assure corrosion and rust resistance. Column wall thickness can be user-selected from 6mm to 30mm. Cooperated with SGS company, our automatic bollard passed series of tests to guarantee bollard stable workability, like bollard continues 5000 lifting test, IP68 waterproof and dustproof test, temperature test. According to different types, equipment lifting time could range from 1 until 5 seconds. With an emergency release system, power outages or other emergencies can be artificially lower, release vehicles.

Automatic rising bollard is suitable for high-frequency, high-security vehicle access places. Applied to the district, Pedestrian Street, parks, scenic areas, schools, fire exits, squares, car parks, and other areas.

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What is the bollard system?

The bollard system is a type of security fence that has a set of circular metal rods or posts in the ground. It’s used to keep people or animals away from a certain area or property. Bollards come in a variety of sizes and shapes, depending on how high or wide they need to be. They are usually made of steel and can be painted or left unpainted.

Can automatic rising bollards be installed on streets and roads?

Yes, automatic rising bollards can be installed on streets and roads to help stop vehicles from moving forward when they’re stationary. It also helps prevent pedestrians from walking into traffic. This is a popular measure in countries like Japan and Singapore, and it works well to prevent accidents, as well as keep roads safe for pedestrians and motorists.

What are the benefits of automatic rising bollards?

Automatic rising bollards come with a lot of advantages. They work automatically and are easy to install, as they are only placed at the entry points of the building. It’s also very easy to see when they’re activated, because they rise from the ground by a few inches.

They also protect the entire perimeter of the building, and ensure that there is no risk of people or animals getting trapped in between the bollard and the wall. This helps to save you the trouble of having to call a tow truck to remove an animal from between the two, which can be a big hassle.

Does the bollard system protect pedestrians?

Bollards are generally used to protect pedestrians against vehicles. These prevent cars from driving into them, and they provide protection in case of an accident. They are installed at entrances and exits of roads and parking lots, and are mostly used to prevent cars from entering the building. However, they may not be able to protect pedestrians from falling if there’s an accident.

Does the bollard system need maintenance?

Yes, the bollard system needs regular maintenance, and it’s recommended that you have it inspected and maintained at least once every three years. The maintenance includes replacing the batteries, tightening up the bolts, checking the water levels, and cleaning the gravel. This way, you can ensure that your bollards are working properly.


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