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Automatic Fire Rated Shutter in Bangladesh

Automatic Fire Rated Shutter in Bangladesh Fire shutters are a special breed of door used for controlling smoke and flames inside a building during a fire. They are installed in strategic locations inside the building or over openings in the exterior walls and block-off critical areas to prevent the spread of fire and fumes. Like sprinklers and alarms, these devices are constructed to react automatically when they detect heat, smoke, and fire.

  • All parts of the shutters are manufactured with high Grade Stainless Steel material.
  • These shutters can be integrated with S.S Grills or S.S perforated panels to achieve specific customer requirement of ventilation or See though Vision.
  • Motorized rolling shutters are self-sufficient and can be operated by a single push button.
  • Our shutters are in-build with high performance drives and intelligent controls
  • Our drives have weight carrying capacity until 2000Kgs
  • In case of power failure, these doors can be operated manually using a hand crank or a chain drive
  • Our Drives are inbuilt with Special Anti Drop device and additional Electromagnetic brake to ensure that the door does not free-fall in any worst conditions.
  • Finger-tip control to open and close shutters of any size with the utmost ease from a single push-button switch or a radio remote control transmitter.


zAutomatic Fire Rated Shutter in Bangladesh


Fire Rated Rolling Shutters are physical barriers that protect wall openings from spread of fire. They provide automatic closing in the event of fire detection. Gandhi fire rated rolling shutters are in the store which appear and function in the same manner as traditional single motorized rolling shutters. The only difference is the material used and the fitting type.

These fire rated rolling shutters are designed to stay open under normal circumstances, and in the event of fire shutter close automatically to prevent the spread of fire to neighboring areas. The fusible integrated links melt at 74° C, this triggers the fire shutters to close automatically in the event of a fire. Automatic Fire Rated Shutter in Bangladesh

FIRE RATED WINDOW SHUTTERS – COOKSON – ESC20 - All-Rite Group of Companies | Dock & Door Systems, Fire Shutters, Wheeled Equipment, Hi-Speed Doors, Pallet Trucks

  • FIRE RATED WINDOW SHUTTERS – WAYNE DALTON – MODEL 540 & 550 - All-Rite Group of Companies | Dock & Door Systems, Fire Shutters, Wheeled Equipment, Hi-Speed Doors, Pallet TrucksAutomatic Fire Rated Shutter in BangladeshFire Roller Shutter Doors | Xpanda Security®
    Fire Rated Rolling Shutters with up to 4 hours, BS 476;Part 22: 1987 standard certified by Exova Warrington UK. Automatic Fire Rated Shutter in Bangladesh.
  • Alternately Fire Rated Shutters tested and certified to American Standards for upto 4 hours UL/FM label are also available.
  • Constructed of Galvanized Steel or Stainless Steel in a variety of gauges, profile designs and finishes for unsurpassed strength, durability and style.
  • Automatic closing of the shutter in the event of fire detection by means of fusible link activated at 74°C.
  • UL-listed brush-type smoke gaskets satisfy smoke retardation requirements. Automatic Fire Rated Shutter in Bangladesh.
  • AUTOMATIC FIRE RATED SHUTTER  The operating system can be directly wired for activation by fire alarm systems or smoke detectors.
  1. Compliance with Laws

Many localities have laws requiring the installation of fire shutters in certain situations. Food counters, kitchen areas, and corridors in public spaces are only a few of the areas where building codes require the use of these fire safety devices in many municipalities. Automatic Fire Rated Shutter in Bangladesh 

Codes governing the material specifications and installation methods for fire shutters are complex and vary from one location to another. Talking to a building department official, architect, or company specializing in fire shutters can provide the necessary information about local codes applicable for a specific business.

  1. Safety for Employees and Customers

Fire shutters work by automatically sensing fire and smoke and then closing to compartmentalize the building, slowing the spread of fumes and flames. By slowing a fire’s progress, people inside the building have more time to evacuate and are less likely to be overcome by smoke inhalation, injured, or even killed.

Some models of fire shutter are designed to close incrementally. These systems work together with a Fire Detection Interface (FDI) unit to control the closing of the fire shutter. When the fire is first detected, the shutter closes to just above head-level. This stops smoke and flames from traveling at ceiling height, but makes it easier for people exiting to get out of the building. After a programmed amount of time, the shutter finishes closing for maximum control of the fire.

FDI units and automatic fire shutters also come with built-in auditory and visual alarm features for alerting people and starting evacuation. When fire shutters are in place, everyone in the building has a better chance of getting out safely. Automatic Fire Rated Shutter in Bangladesh

  1. Reduced Losses from Fire

By automatically closing and compartmentalizing the building, fire shutters reduce the chances of catastrophic loss of property in the event of a fire. Inventory, furniture, and equipment in other areas of the building can be protected from flame, smoke, and water damage during a fire. Automatic Fire Rated Shutter in Bangladesh

Uncontained building fires can grow rapidly, moving from a source and quickly engulfing storage rooms, warehouses, offices, and retail areas. Fire doors are specifically designed to prevent the spread of fire and reduce the loss of property. Saving property from destruction in a fire saves money, time, and effort needed for getting the business back in operation after a fire event.

  1. Theft Protection

Some fire shutters are designed for being opened and closed regularly, and these models double as security shutters. Security shutters are a reliable way of stopping smash and grab break-ins on storefronts. They are also used to protect rear door openings, loading docks, and rooms inside a building. Automatic Fire Rated Shutter in Bangladesh

Combining fire and theft protection in one shutter saves money and requires less hardware and equipment for getting both jobs done. But, it is important to install a shutter specifically designed for both fire and theft protection.

  1. Business Aesthetics and Value

New designs of fire shutters are not only more technologically sophisticated, but are also more aesthetically pleasing than older models. Fire shutters can be built to blend into the surrounding environment, so they do not detract from the interior or exterior design of the building or make the place of business less attractive.

Shutters and gates can also be custom-made in colors and surface textures to accent and complement the interior or exterior, becoming an integral part of the building’s aesthetics. Adding attractive, high-quality fire shutters to a business location can improve the look and the resale value of that enterprise, as well as make it safer. Automatic Fire Rated Shutter in Bangladesh


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