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Automatic Revolving Door

a) Driving system: German motor and deceleration system.
(b) PLC and converter adopt Japanese parts, low energy consumption, stable operation, and reliable in quality.
(c) German electronic smart lock control system, high security and easy to use .
(d) Rubber anti-collision sensor.
(e) 6. 8 mm laminated arc glass: When the laminated glass is broken into pieces, the chips will adhere to the mid-lamina to avoid risk of injury. Therefore cracked toughened glass with angles of over 90 degrees is not harmful to the human body.6mm toughed glass: We select safety construction glass and passed 3C compulsory quality certification.
(f) Key switch, emergency button, the disable push pad switch.


This is a large two wing revolving door with the added benefit of incorporating classic sliding door systems in the center. The large frame revolving door can be used as fully automatic revolving entrance, an automatic sliding entrance or can be left completely open depending on circumstances. The Large revolving door creates a spacious and welcoming entrance that can accommodate shopping trolleys, luggage carts and wheelchairs with ease.  The added benefit of the incorporated sliding door is that the door serves as an excellent emergency exit. Unlike conventional revolving doors, it does not have a center column allowing for totally clear opening. Compartments on the edge of the door leaf’s can be used for displays and advertisements, without compromising safety and affecting the visual aesthetics. The unique design of this revolving door can turn an ordinary entrance into environmentally friendly, multi functional and attractive entrance.

Revolving Door Agency Moves: 50,000feet, 62Above and More


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