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Prime Automatic doors to the world’s best addresses.

Whether Shopping malls or office buildings, stadiums or hotels – Primes’s premium access solutions combine functionality and esthetic design while at the same time blending in harmoniously into the architectural overall concept of nearly an building type. Get inspired by our premium access solutions for a variety of different building types.

Automatic sliding door

PRIME Automatic sliding door system can be used for single leaf sliding door or bi-parting sliding door. it can be also applied to framed or frameless glass door. With specially-designed 4.2m aluminum track and cover(standard length 4.2m, could be cut as per customer’s need), low-noise round type 24V DC 60W/100W brushless motor, non-digital or digital microcomputer controller, 24G microwave induction sensors. Optional remoter control device or function keypad, it is commonly used in modern life.

Features of Sliding door operating system:

  • Microprocessor control.
  • Advanced electric lock with self-testing function, ensure the doors are always secure.
  • Energy saving power unit.
  • Quick and simple installation, set-up and maintenance.

Automatic swing door

PRIME Automatic swing door is more and more widely used in both commercial buildings and residential buildings due to its simplicity and convenience. Prime automatic swing door opener adopts servo control technology, and has passed CE and ISO testing. The swing door opener shall pass 2 million-cycle durability tests to make sure its excellent reliability. And it has 2 year quality guarantee.


Overall features of auto swing gate opener:

  1. Microcomputer technology, self-learning function
  2. Modular design , easy installation and replacement
  3. With intelligence self-protection of overheat and overload, can rebound back upon an obstacle, safe and reliable
  4. Electric lock control function
  5. Intelligent control system with adjustable parameters

Automatic Hermetic

PRIME automatic hermetic sealing doors are specially designed for areas where hygiene control, noise reduction and air tightness is in critical demand. Prime hermetic door series include on-wall type hermetic sliding door, in-wall type hermetic sliding door, X-Ray Lead-shielding automatic door, ICU hermetically sealed door, etc.

Product series: A wide range of automatic revolving doors for both high and low volume usage.
Two wing, three wing and four wing automatic revolving doors, with or without exhibition box.

Application areas: The style of simple , elegant, economical, classic, makes it widely used in office buildings, commercial banks, hotels, shopping malls, etc.

 Feature of automatic revolving door:

(a) Electromechanical lock for access control.

(b) Emergency stop button.

AUTOMATIC Revolving Door

Revolving door systems are perfectly suitable for installation in entrance areas where interior environment control coupled with elegant aesthetics are desired. The main entrance gives a clear statement of your company’s image.

Features of automatic revolving door :

  • The frame is aluminum alloy, high intensity,and good degree of finish. Various materials and colorful outer ornament can be chosen: such as hairline stainless steel Mirror plate stainless steel, fluorocarbon coating aluminum, anodizing, copper decoration(router deep processing)
  • Glass can choose laminated glass, hot bending glass and so on
  • Ceiling is composed of radial wedge plate, keep in good accord with door’s material and color
  • Canopy is done dust treatment, via plywood of metal, do seal via treatment at out door
  • Energy saving, low noise, steady long lifespan
  • Digital programmed control system, convenient to operate