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Bangladesh has seen huge growth in its real estate industry. Bangladesh is now not only providing housing for people but also commercial buildings, shopping malls, etc. However, there are some issues that still exist with the current infrastructure of Bangladesh which is causing problems for this industry to grow further. One such problem is Automatic Door Solutions in Bangladesh where manual door systems can cause various problems and do not provide security as well as automated door systems would be able to provide. To solve this issue we have introduced our best quality automatic doors solution in Bangladesh so that your building will have the most secure doors available on the market today.


Are you looking for the Best Quality Automatic Door Solution in Bangladesh?

Bangladesh is a developing country with many people living below the poverty line. This means that access to quality goods and services is difficult to come by, especially if they are not locally available. However, there is one product that Bangladeshis can get their hands on anywhere: Best Quality Automatic Door Solutions! These products offer both convenience and safety for Bangladeshi citizens who need them most. 

So what’s the best way to find the Best Quality Automatic Door Solution in Bangladesh? You’ll want to make sure you use an experienced distributor like Prime Automation. We provide high-quality solutions. We are a renowned company for Best Quality Automatic Door Solution in Bangladesh and provide the Best Quality Automatic Door Solution to our all clients.

Automatic Sliding Door

Prime Automation, Auto Door Solution in Bangladesh

Prime Automation is the manufacturer of automated doors for your home or business needs. Our automation product portfolio can satisfy all your requirements, whether you are looking for residential sliding automatic doors, commercial swing auto doors, domestic automatic garage doors, etc. Your smile will be guaranteed with Prime Automation’s professional solutions and top-notch customer service standards.

The Innovation In Automation For Safe Solutions.

Prime Automation Provide Integration, Installation, Distribution, Wholesale, And Retail Services of Automatic Garage Door Service in Bangladesh. Prime Loves To Share Ideas and Innovations From Abroad Through The Latest Technology and Products that Agree With The Environment and LifeStyle Of Bangladesh to Bring Smart Cities in the Near Future. We Hope to Be the Chapins of The Automation Industry in Bangladesh.

About Sensors

Sensors are devices that detect the change in their environment and respond with output to some other system. Sensors convert physical phenomena into measurable analog voltages (or sometimes digital signals), which can then be displayed as human-readable text or sent off for further processing

There’s nothing more than this: converting mechanical motion such as temperature changes, pressure fluctuations, etc., so they become detectable through simpler reading methods.

Sensor to open the door

The Insteon Wireless Open/Close Sensor is a magnetic contact sensor that wirelessly controls lights and appliances throughout your house. When paired with the included hub, you can receive instant alerts on your smartphone when doors or windows are opened while away from home!

Safety sensor

Industrial safety sensor switches are used in machines and other industrial applications to prevent accidental contact with live electrical connections. They work together with hinged, sliding, or lift-off barriers that block the path when opened up by accidentally closing them too far without noticing first (not something you want!). The power supply is disconnected as soon as this happens so there’s no chance of causing an unfortunate mistake!

Electronic Door Openers

You’ll never be frustrated by an insecure door again with the help of our electronic openers! The best part is, you can automate them to make opening and closing your doors as simple (or complicated) for all users. Doors are important no matter where you need access or who’s using it–from homes in general population areas to commercial premises like hospitals; they’re everywhere! And these high-tech gadgets take away much more than just guesswork when dealing with unlocking locks: With automatic functions available on some models there won’t even be.

Automatic Door

Why Automatic Door Enterprises?

When your door needs work, you need to open it. We’re not talking about opening up a dialogue with potential clients or feeding the workers. You need an expert in quality service who will get the job done without breaking the bank when it comes time for payment. That is where our team of experts excels because even though we are number one when it comes to high-quality installation and services, we also care deeply about customer partnerships and making sure that your success is our priority as well!

We pride ourselves on the quality of our work. We only hire experienced and knowledgeable technicians who can solve your opening needs. Our team is committed to success with you, so we will always go the extra mile to make sure everything goes smoothly.

Sliding Auto Door Solution:

Whatever Sliding Auto Door Solution You Need For Your Premises, We’re Ready to Provide You Perfect Solution of Your Needs Of Auto Door, Swing Auto Door, Automatic Garage Door, Auto Shutter. Here is a Few Products Information is Given For Ideas. Based On-Demand Any Kinds Of Auto Door Solutions Can Be Supplied To Our Clients Exactly as required.

Automatic door

The automatic door opens as soon as it detects movement so you don’t have to waste time fumbling with a key. After a designated period of time, the door starts to close automatically.

The automatic door is a great way to give your home an inviting and secure feeling. When activated, the sensor sends out an activation signal that triggers gears in motion which starts up belts and pulleys until it’s time for them to stop closing on their own after designated periods of non-activity. The Automatic Double Door makes every room more welcoming with its capability as both indoor or outdoor access point.

Automatic entrance door solutions

Fight traffic and cut down on energy bills with the most cutting-edge commercial doors. Our automatic entrances are jam-packed with high-tech solutions that maintain a comfortable environment for your guests while also ensuring they enter safely, even in harsh environmental conditions.

We know how important appearances can be when it comes to running a successful business. Luckily, our innovative automatic door entrance systems will keep any access point fresh and welcoming so you don’t have to worry about visitors walking away from lack of interest or appreciation – they’ll be sure to stay interested!

Automatic sliding doors

We at Commercial Sliding Doors, LLC are proud to offer high-quality commercial automatic sliding door systems. With sleek styling and adaptable configurations, our doors create a welcoming and functional entryway for any business. Choose from any of our stylish touchless commercial sliding door solutions that will make your facility even more convenient. From overhead concealed commercial doors to our hurricane-proof sliders, we have what you’re looking for!

Automatic swing door

Automatic swing door systems

When it comes to swinging doors, you want reliability and flexibility. Our automatic swing door systems provide both of these needs while enhancing the look and functionality of your entrances. Low-energy or full-energy automation? Choose from a wide variety of even patterns that match any interior design aesthetic.

All too often, people take for granted that they can just push open a door when they enter an establishment. What if someone has a baby carriage in tow? This easy process may not be so convenient for everyone. Swing door entrances allow different access points depending on how much load is being hauled inside the room by fresh employees or guests visiting the building.

Swing automatic doors from Prime Automation

The swing automatic doors from Prime Automation are designed with safety in mind. Our engineers understand that heavy equipment needs to be installed correctly the first time, every time to avoid potential hazards for your facility and its employees. Swing doors are controlled remotely to reduce toe-traffic injuries, accidents, or lawsuits.


– Reduces issues related to motion sickness by allowing straight entry into a well-lit work environment

– Discovers employee theft due to our card swipe technology which limits accessibility without an identifying card reader  

 – On-site technicians cost less than outsourcing maintenance plans through third-party vendors

Prime Automation’s automatic door openers make it easy for people with mobility issues to enter and exit public buildings. From our durable surface-mounted door operators to our overhead concealed models, we include low-energy in-floor products as well.

Awarded the top rating by the National Association of Home Builders, Prime Automation manufactures above-average quality swing doors that retain their patent-pending design and reliability over many years of operation. If you need help selecting a model or require installation services, our experts are available at no additional charge 365 days per year – including evenings and weekends – seven days out of seven! Simply let us know what your needs are and we will be happy to accommodate your request as quickly as possible.

Revolving doors

All entrances need a door. And we at Automatic Revolving Doors company would like to show you the type of doors that can come in handy for your purposes. Here at our revolving doors company, you have the choice to choose from numerous types and styles of entranceways, depending on your needs! further than our lineup of beautiful floor-to-ceiling automatic sliding double glass revolving doors designed with style and efficiency in mind for all entrances!

Revolving doors are fantastic for any entrance need. Automatic and security revolving doors get your energy efficiency and convenience just right at a price that you can afford. Give your entrance the final touch of style with a door solution from the company that has brought you quality, service, and affordability all wrapped into one product.

Top automatic revolving door manufacturer

Around the world, people are looking for innovative indoor technology. When it comes to automatic revolving doors, our company is easily one of the most respected names in this industry. We provide innovative designs that will keep you out of harm’s way while keeping your employees and customers feeling safe.

The traditional revolving door has remained largely unchanged since it was first invented. Improvements were made to allow for quicker and smoother turns, but the basic design remained the same: a continuous metal ring that revolves horizontally about an axis and can be held stationary to protect against lateral winds or passing traffic. Though this all changed with our innovation of direct drive, high-capacity automatic revolving doors; these changes made access more controlled and safety far greater than before. Ever wonder what separates one rotating door from another? 

Two things: 

the effort needed to push them open or pull them shut (so long as they feature manual overrides), and capacity.

 — doors designed for heavy traffic will often require two wings in order to pass through groups of people without coming into contact with each other

ICU doors

Hospital-grade sliding, swing, or folding ICU doors are essential for patient care in any critical environment. These versatile, feature-rich hospital products offer safe, efficient operation with real clinical value. Every door is made of tough materials that stand up to high-temperature sterilization and repeated cleaning cycles.

Hospital-grade ICU doors are essential for patient care in any critical environment – they provide a variety of professional solutions tailored to the diverse needs of clinicians and patients alike. The doors can be customized according to your institution’s particular specs including material type, configuration options, color choice, and more – from our comprehensive selection hospitals will find just what they need!

Best Quality Automatic Door Solution in Bangladesh. The Auto Metric door solution is a total automation solution for any type of automatic sliding doors, remote control auto door opening and closing system, sewing door open and close system, garage door opener, and shutter. We also provide the best quality products to fulfill customer needs at the most affordable price in Bangladesh. So if you are looking for an efficient way to automate your premises then get in touch with us today!


These specialized sensors use infrared technology to trigger the opening/closing of doors. These tiny wonders detect changes in temperature, so when an individual approaches them their warmth signature will be detected by these amazing pieces! They can also detect moisture on clothes or other materials- making sure you never have any problems with your garage door again because they are always ready for action no matter what comes their way!

The automatic door opens when the sensor detects someone and activates a motor to drive gears, belts & pulleys. This causes it to go up or down depending on if there’s anyone inside of course!

Modern automatic gates use a collection of sensors to detect the presence and movement in front. The most common type, an optical sensor or motion detectors are installed on either side near where you stand when opening/closing your gate manually; they’re sensitive enough that if something else moves too close while touching one its antennae – as long as there isn’t total darkness nearby — these devices will register it!

Door malfunctions are a common problem for automatic doors. When they don’t work, there could be different reasons: the drive unit may have mechanical or electrical issues; an error in software activated by motion sensor can also cause your machine not to open and close smoothly.

The new automatic door is quieter and smoother than ever before. The driver of this mechanism, the magnet attraction between its magnetic strip on one side and coil inside a metal plate next to it sees no problem opening or closing for you!

A small metal plate is attached to the door and positioned so that it will come in direct contact with an electromagnet. This holds up when energized, allowing you time for escape or avoidance! Mag hold-open devices are connected through fire alarm systems or life safety systems – they can save lives by holding open doors before something happens instead of just waiting around helplessly after things go south.