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Prime Automation is a leading Automatic Door Company in Bangladesh. Automatic door installation has become the most popular option for people looking to replace their old doors. Automatic doors are easy to open with just a push of a button and they have many safety features built-in that make them perfect for families with children or pets.

Having a door installed is one of the most crucial decisions you’ll make for your home. Prime Automation company in Bangladesh ensures that they will help your family and friends feel safe and secure. Prime Automation company in Bangladesh offers different types of automatic doors such as sliding, swing-out, folding, bi-folding, and entryway. Prime Automation can be done by an Automatic Door Installer Company in Bangladesh to suit your preference or needs.

Service Description

We’re from a well-reputed Engineering firm and highly experienced. We make auto sensor glass sliding doors for our customers, so it’s reliable and long-lasting too! You can import this product directly or we also offer local pickup in your city if you prefer – both options are available at no extra cost thanks to us being an established business with many satisfied clients nationwide already including Company HQs all across Bangladesh as well as Factories & Showrooms throughout Dhaka alone (just one example).

Our Products:

  • Brand : Prime
  • Model : Prime-155
  • Double Leaf Sliding Operator
  • Door leaf weight Max 2*120kg
  • Door leaf width -max 1981mm
  • Door leaf height -max 2134mm
  • Volt : 220V AC
  • Automatic sliding door or Sensor Door
  • Automatic Shutter
  • Automatic Curtain operator
  • Automatic Gate sliding/swing
  • Motion sensor
  • Access control system
  • Foldable Glass Wall
  • Automatic Foldable S.S. Gate
  • Automatic Parking Barrier

Double or single sliding door – it’s your choice! With a range that includes both, we have you covered. From contactless locks for convenience and security to nylon with brass hinges which offer increased corrosion resistance in damp environments; there is something perfectly suited just right depending on what sort of environment awaits ahead at home

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 Prime Automation offers quality products backed by excellent service so whether it’s an installation requirement or even if someone wants us to stop by personally during renovations Click “order Now” from below. We’ll be calling within 15 minutes as soon as possible after submitting these details about ourselves.

Automatic door servicing

Automatic door servicing

Prime Automation is a leader in green design with an excellent reputation for rugged dependability. The access solutions they offer include several innovative packages that are well-known strengths of their brand, including healthcare facilities and security entrances to name just two applications. All systems have some sort of weather seal construction plus superior materials used on exterior doors so you can be sure your building will stand up against even extreme conditions while providing ease when entering or exiting at any time!

Support and Maintenance

We are your door and window doctor! We could be considered to be the car mechanic of home improvement because we fix all sorts of pesky problems. It feels good not to have to bother with these inconveniences anymore. Now you can come to visit us for regular check-ups instead, ensuring that everything is working properly and that you’re never surprised by anything again.

Products We Service

Prime Automation is a leading provider of high-quality, affordable security and drive-through window systems to the retail industry across Bangladesh. Our team specializes in making sure that each installation meets or exceeds your specific needs for safety when it comes down from an automated entrance system such as automatic doors or windows which open on command with just one touch! We also offer maintenance services so no matter what time you need us most there will always be someone available 24 hours per day 7 days weekly including holidays – we’ve got all bases covered at Prime Automations.

Automatic Sliding Door, Sensor Door, Installation, Service,  Solution in Bangladesh

Prime Automation offers the best automatic sliding door solutions with a variety of sensors to make it perfect. The main function is through motors, which are what makes our product so great! We have radar sensor options for those who want their house protected by motion detectors or other types such as laser and beam sensors that can detect when someone might be approaching from behind; an anti clipper device prevents unauthorized entry when triggered remotely (ideal if there’s no keypad); RFID integration allows you add information like access codes in advance without having them written down on paper plates outside – saving time while still providing adequate security measures against intruders who may not know how many doors they’re looking at.

A sophisticated door solution for your home with many features to perfect operation. Prime Automations Automatic Sliding Door offers optimal performance and convenience, whether you’re looking into safety or just don’t like manually opening them yourself!

Sliding Automatic Door

Application of Sliding Automatic Door

Automatic Sliding Doors automatically turn out of sight. It has no hinged side so the sliding gates are widely used for indoor and outdoor applications, commercial or residential purposes.

While school doors open up on each side, the Automatic sliding door only opens in one direction to prevent accidents by preventing people from getting into an empty space. And here’s what makes this product extra special: every surface where the automatic sliding gate is placed has its own refrigerant cooling system which means that you can get super fresh air anytime without having to cough due to dust.

Feature of Micro-PAD 300G- 2008V2 Sliding Automatic Door

PAD 300G – 2008V2, Optimus Gravity 250,  Auto Door is Good Sliding Automatic Door Solution Origin in Russia and Manufactured in China, With Load Capacity of 250KG, and Maximum Track Length of 14~15 feet Space. Where doors Can use Half Of the Length Opening. Sliding Auto Can Be Used With Frame and FrameLess Glass, Wooden Door, Aluminum Door Too.

Automatic Door Openers in Bangladesh

The automatic door openers in our range are made to be effective and safe. They can help you save on time or take the hassle out of opening doors for those that have their hands full. Whether it is an interior sliding door, push-button, swinging door type, or a unit-installed mechanism, we have something suitable for your needs depending on space limitations and whether the site needs features like voice control or remote operation.

Provide property owners the opportunity to install automatic door openers on their premises that will ultimately make it more convenient to use doors. Our operators are made from high-quality materials and come in a variety of styles such as sliding doors, push-button, swing door openers, and other styles; we also offer many different types of specifications you can choose from depending on your specific needs.

Providing convenience around tight areas like office buildings where people need an extra hand. We offer our customers both manual and automatic ones with plenty of options for you to pick from including exterior or interior movement type, size ranges for all shapes and sizes associated with businesses around the world.


Automatic doors require a sensor that detects when the door needs to open. When this happens, it sends out an alert for any nearby mechanisms like yours!

Automatic doors help to make buildings more accessible for people with disabilities. Doors that operate automatically are less obtrusive and can be opened by someone else if needed because they have the right dimensions, so there isn’t any need for physical force or skill in opening them up themselves!

Most automatic gates nowadays use optical sensors or motion detectors, which are installed on the sides of a door to trigger its opening and closing. As the name suggests these devices detect any movement in front of their detection range (as they can’t see through doors). One type is an antenna that points outward with a downward direction towards it for signals from such things as magnetic strips within proximity cards placed close enough against metal fences surrounding buildings – this makes them easier than ever before!

The International Building Code (IBC) for 2021 includes a provision long sought by accessibility advocates: the mandated inclusion of automatic doors at entrances to public buildings. This will help people with disabilities who need assistance entering such facilities, and it also ensures safety in case there’s an emergency situation where fire exit routes are blocked or hindered due to smoke inhalation from fires outside.”

It’s important that your automatic door is serviced at least once a year. It will keep it running smoothly and efficiently, maximizing its life span!

Be sure to schedule an appointment with AOS Services before they need servicing in order for us to come out on time; if not then there may only be one option left: calling customer support (or waiting) all day until someone can help you

You can keep your automatic garage door running smoothly with regular maintenance. When you’re not using the car in it, just open and close its large red button on both sides of the screen–no need for tools or oil!
If this makes sense to do at least once every 18 months but more often is chosen depending on how much time each day has so we always recommend scheduling an appointment before any problems arise.