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Prime Automation is a leading company in Bangladesh of home automation, from lighting to security. This product line brings convenience and safety outside of your home. Prime’s process sets itself apart with cutting-edge innovation to maximize quality for its consumers. Enjoy one-on-one customer service when you purchase any electrical hardware device through this brand!

A smart home allows you to make your life easier by controlling the devices in it remotely.

A modern house is not just about how many square feet or bathrooms there are; what matters most today, like always, are convenience and efficiency! With all these new technology options available on our appliances including Google Home (or) Alexa Skills Kit – which will help automate everything from climate control systems down into individual light fixtures across multiple rooms-, now more than ever before homeowners can have an easy setup process without having any technical knowledge whatsoever. All this combined makes for one happy family who

Smart homes are convenient and easy to operate. They’re great for people who want their house running on autopilot with the lights turned off by themselves, knowing that dinner will be done when you get home so it’s ready whenever!

Prime Automation

About Prime automation Smart home system

Bangladesh is an emerging economy with a population of over 160 million. As the demand for Prime Automation and accessories increases, there are few options available to consumers in Bangladesh. Prime Automation is the leading company in Bangladesh providing high-quality products at reasonable prices. 

Super Home provides solutions for all your Prime Automation needs, from installation to repairs. We offer competitive pricing on our wide range of products so you can get what you need without breaking the bank!

A home without a smart device is now considered incomplete. People are more and more getting into the trend of adding technology to their homes, using it for various purposes such as entertainment, safety, and security among others. With this new craze in Bangladesh, we would like to introduce you to our company which specializes in providing solutions for your home needs! 

We offer a one-stop-shop for all your needs – from installing gadgets and appliances at your convenience to fixing problems that may arise with them. Our team of professionals is not only equipped with skills but also knowledge about different products and ways they can be used in order to provide the best solutions possible for our customers. Apart from that, we also design custom solutions according to customer’s requirement

Best Smart Home solutions

Best Smart Home solutions

Smart Home solutions in Bangladesh are becoming more and more popular. Home automation is the next big thing, so it is no surprise that Smart Home Solution in Bangladesh has been gaining traction as of late. Smart home solutions are often seen as a way to be efficient with your time – for example, you can control lights from your phone or laptop, which means you do not have to go around turning on every light individually if you forget one! However, there is much more than this to smart home solution companies in Bangladesh.

The latest Smart Home Solutions include: 

  • Smart Security Systems  

A smart home system is a wireless router with sensors and interconnected systems to help monitor everything from door locks to lights. With this type of equipment on hand, it’s easy for homeowners or renters alike to take back some much-needed peace of mind when they’re away from their homes during daylight hours by being able to see what’s happening at any given moment through an app on smartphones!

  • Smart Thermostats  

Smart thermostats are one of the most popular ways to reduce energy costs in your home. With features like remote monitoring, programmable schedules, and Away Mode you can rest easy knowing that everything will be taken care of while away on vacation or at work!

  • Voice Activated Speakers

How do smart speakers work? The voice recognition service deciphers the speech and then sends a response back to your home or office assistant. It uses algorithms so that it can be more familiar with what you say, as well as individual patterns in each person’s vocabulary used over time

The process starts by recognizing words from their sound waves which are analyzed using deep neural networks trained on large datasets for accuracy. The voice recognition service listens to what you say and then sends a response back. This process uses algorithms that are designed so the system becomes more familiar with your speech patterns, words used in everyday interactions, etc.,

Prime Automation & WiFi Products

Prime Automation & WiFi Products in Bangladesh

Do you want a connected, smart home? Prime automation will help get your house on the web without having to pay an arm and leg. We have voice-controlled devices that can control lights, fans ACs TVs more from anywhere with just speaking into our device of choice! Smart Home Improvement devices are now available at for a very affordable price tag – these specialized gadgets connect wirelessly via WiFI so they’re always up-to-date no matter where you go within range.

Prime Automation will help you make your Home Smart, Secured and Accessible from anywhere. We have a wide range of Prime Automation for SmartHome Devices that can be controlled with voice command or automatically on when it detects motion (like lights). 

Smart home devices:

With the current state of automation, we are able to expedite tasks at hand. In fact, some brands have been inspired by their innovations and created a way for us all to live more efficiently with only one push or voice command! Take Prime Automation as an example – they provide convenience in your home from start to end without much effort on our part which is perfect. 

If you’re looking for a quick and easy way to control your home, this smart device will allow it! With just one push on our phones or voice commands, we can easily make changes from anywhere at any time without having all those pesky cords running around making things inconvenient.

7 Types Of Smart Homes That You Should Know About

The future of home technology is here! Smart systems are one way to make your house feel more connected. These networking devices allow you remote control over lights, speakers, and thermostats in addition to other features that come standard on most smart homes like security cameras or locks for example which will give renters peace knowing they’re safe while away at work

There’s never been a better time than now if want convenience when staying overnight thanks to the latest innovation from tech companies around this world who have combined their skills into creating innovative products designed specifically just what our needs are today: Creating eco-friendly living spaces which require minimal maintenance due to its self-cleaning properties among many others.



When you are thinking about making your home intelligent, the first thing to think of is how we will control and interact with all these devices. A hub for this type of system could be a smart speaker like Google Home or Apple’s Homepod that dictates everything else in our ecosystem because they’re compatible with them too! You can also use an assistant such as Alexa by Amazon if she suits your needs better than others available out there on the market right now.

Have you ever thought about how amazing it would be to have smart lights in your room that can turn on or off with voice commands? With the touch of an app, all these possibilities could become reality. You don’t even need to get up from bed when it gets dark outside because now we know what makes mood lighting possible using only our smartphones!

At times like this, you need smart lights that can be controlled from the bed. You might think it’s a hassle getting up and turning off the light every time but with voice commands on your phone or computer, there is no more work needed! Not only will those beautiful bubbles around your room turn themselves off when they should go dark at night-time; also if forgotten earlier than anticipated by an early morning wakeup call then all may not be lost as long as one doesn’t forget their smartphone either since we always have our smartphones within arm’s reach nowadays.



Do you want to keep an eye on your apartment when you are not there?

Smart home cameras can help you do that. They give you a sense of security and allow you to monitor the activity in your apartment from anywhere. You can even watch over your pet while they’re at home alone! These smart devices also come with night vision so that nothing is missed, no matter what time it is. And if something does happen, these cameras have motion sensors that will send notifications straight to your phone so that action can be taken immediately.

A smart camera for the home gives peace of mind and allows us to stay connected with our loved ones through video calls or live streaming. It also provides a way for us to monitor our homes remotely without having someone physically present all the time – giving us more freedom as we go about our day-to-day lives! With this device, we don’t have to worry about anything happening at home because we know exactly what’s going on through real-time footage from any location around the world via a mobile app or computer browser. We never have to miss out on those special moments anymore! This product has been designed specifically for people who want their homes monitored 24/7 by professionals who care about safety just like them!

SMART Device


One of the first smart home gadgets to be introduced for intelligent homes was a bot vacuum cleaner. These small robots amazed us with their ability to seemingly clean surfaces on their own, but it would not surprise me if they were better at housekeeping than some people! Today’s smarter versions are more efficient in cleaning our floors and have even improved storage capacities so you don’t need two or three different cleaners around your place – just one will do nicely. They also learn where all hidden obstacles lie after navigating only partway through an area before being left behind by accident (I’m guessing). If properly equipped these bots can go about doing most tasks autonomously


Smart refrigerators have become a hot item in Bangladesh. They not only maintain our food but also make it easier and more convenient to do so with features like looking up recipes online or setting expiration dates of foods from afar! Notifications can be sent when you’re low on anything stored within its compartments – perfect for those who forget every day that milk is running low at home before going grocery shopping later that afternoon

The use of Smart Fridges has been increasing steadily over here lately- people love how they help make life simpler while still providing all this cool technology goodness too.


The perfect way to stay in shape and monitor your health has arrived! These scales are smaller than a credit card, yet pack an impressive number of features. Not only do they tell you how much water or fat is on board with them (so no more guessing) but also give BMI readings so that weight worries can finally go away forever – at least for those who rely upon this information every day. They even connect wirelessly through Bluetooth Low Energy certification which means there’s almost zero lag time when it comes downifying data from these devices during use.


It’s important that every pet owner creates a safe and comfortable environment for their animals. But what happens when you’re at work all day? Or your home is too far away from the kitchen, which means hurried trips between feedings with little peace or relaxation time spent bonding as friends do during meal times

Creating an animal-friendly space has never been easier thanks to smart devices like smartphones! You can easily set up feeding schedules on these handy gadgets so they don’t go hungry even while being out of town– just make sure not to have more than one pet


Get your smart home set up with the latest and greatest tech from Amazon! From Echo Dot, Arlo Q (an alarm clock), Ecobee smart thermostat for an energy-efficient heat source in all seasons-to new Philips Hue White A19 Starter Kit allows you to adjust lights or use more than one color at once; there’s something here perfect just for you.

Alexa, Google Home, and Apple’s Siri are three of the most popular voice assistants on today’s market. They all work together in harmony to provide easy access for your everyday needs at any time anywhere you may be!

The best home devices are smart. Ever wonder how to find them or what they can do for you? Tech experts dish on the genius products that might just change your life! These include a Smart security camera, Alexa enabled smart thermostats, and more.”

Automated home systems provide a number of benefits, with the most common being that they save you time and money. However, it’s important to consider all factors when making such an investment in your own personal safety or convenience – because not everyone will want their lives controlled by technology!