Automatic Sliding Door

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Automatic sliding door systems provide extensive convenience and flexibility for effortless access without contact with the door. In our extensive product range you will find the right door solution for every building, whether for installation during its construction or for retro-fitting.

Automatic sliding doors are designed with attractive framing and sleek styles to complement any entry. Glass sliding doors are ideal when it comes to unobstructed views and allowing natural light into a building. Automatic sliding glass doors are a durable and welcoming entrance solution. Automatic sliding door operators create easy hands-free access. Its offer silent and smooth door opening. Our doors are tested for one-million cycles in harsh weather. Select the sliding door for your building from our product lineup.

Automatic Sliding Doors – Types

Linear | Telescope | Curved | Angular | Multi functional

Automatic sliding doors are the classic of the automatic sliding door range. They are suitable for use in every location where there is sufficient lateral space. The linear sliding door automates entrances in a very elegant and simple manner. The door leaves slide away from the pedestrian, making a significant contribution to safety.

Optional Areas of Use
Fire and smoke doors
Rescue and escape routes
Due to special construction security doors with defined resistance class (WK2 + WK3)
Corrosion-free and waterproof doors
Hermetic doors
All-glass doors
Additional Functions
Air-lock function: two coordinated door systems control access
Access control: controlled by a key, badge, video monitoring and biometric data
Hold-up closure: on pressing a button the door closes immediately and without reversal
Building automation: incorporation into existing systems

Ideal for
office buildings, shops, convenience stores in filling stations, apartment blocks, hotels, restaurants, care homes, hospitals, conference centres and exhibition buildings as well as innumerable other types of buildings.

Where can Automatic Sliding Doors be installed?

Civilian/Industrial/Military Facilities
Public Transport and Logistics
Sport Venues/Public Events
Financial Institutions

Why choose Automatic Sliding Doors?

Laminated glass up to 26-27 mm thick
Controlled access of one person at a time
Quick throughput
Customized finish
Wheelchair access versions available
Different shapes and sizes to suit all settings

  • Breakout of only the sliding panels is required
  • 1/2″ tempered glass
  • Dual vertical weather sweeps
  • Recessed floor track adjacent to sidelite
  • Clear or dark bronze anodized finish
  • Overhead combination safety and activation sensors

Product Features

Emergency Exits

For emergency applications where breakout of the sliding panels is required.

Smooth, clean look.

A smooth clean look without horizontal ridges that detract from the appearance of the door.

Intelligent, efficient, and technologically advanced

Five-function program switch, adjustable motion sensor and optional self-closing side panels

Self-monitoring for safety

Continuous self-monitoring control system for an extra measure of safety and efficiency.

Exclusive feature – sound-dampening track.

It reduces operational noise to a mere whisper and stops vibration resonance that can be transferred to building structures.